As a child, the other kids used to make fun of me at birthday parties for eating the paper cupcake wrapper covered in cakey goodness.  This instructable is to all the those adults who told me to spit it out and to all those kids who thought chewing on paper was disgusting.  As it is my first instructable bear with me.

Step 1: Gather Goods

What you will need to make the wrappers are as follows:
small disc rice paper (can be found at most asian markets or in the ethnic foods +spices section of the grocery store)
granulated sugar
 a tin or a plate to soak the rice paper in must be large enough to let the sheets lay flat at its bottom
cupcake tins
flavor of your choice (i choose vanilla)
food coloring

the rest is up to you to follow your recipe for your favorite cupcake

For all you cupcake purists, I know I kinda cheated when I used the premade stuff and I skipped out on icing, but I made this instructable to show you guys how to make the wrappers not the cupcakes. I am confidant you can fill these wrappers with the best stuff around!
Made it for my kids kindergarten class for Earth day. I used bigger wrapper (store didn't have smaller) and just folded excess. Yummy crunch with homemade vanilla cake and frosting. Thanks!
That's Wonderful to hear! I'm glad it worked for you, and folding in the excess is a great solution too!
Very Cool....I'm going to experiment with flavor and uses of the edible wrapping.
Great Idea. I've been doing something similar with rice paper to make edible origami for some time, and it turns out great. What I do to deal with the hole problem is simply place another wet rice paper sheet on top. That way I can also trap small edible leaves between the sheets, like cilantro. Rice paper is so thin, using a double-ply has little effect on the finished product
Sure can! I was just was trying to illustrate the wrappers with this batch, and neglected the other more crucial ingredients to the cupcake process i.e. the frosting. I guess you would call them muffins then-- alas the same principals apply.
This looks very fun. Could the cake rise up to the top of the rice paper? Did you frost them?<br>Thank you for a new idea<br>
Thanks, I appreciate the comments! I was just messing around with rice paper when I thought of this, next on the table eatable candles! I just need to procure the beeswax.
If you have a local bee keeper, just mosey on down to his place in fall.... he could probably help you out. If you're looking for sheets of it, an art and craft store will have something, or at least be able to order something. (Usually ordering is at no extra charge)
Cute! And it eliminates trash for the landfill.
Thats such a good idea!
I don't even bother with papers anymore - I just grease the tins!<br />Great way to reinvent the cupcake paper :D

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