Picture of Eavesdrop on a room from 1,000 miles away.
Hear what's going on from 1,000's of miles away with a cell phone. Bug a home, office, or your teens car......

Step 1: What you need:

Picture of What you need:
1. Cell Phone
2. Headset PLUG IN TYPE (Not bluetooth)
3. Power Cord (optional)
4. A place to hide the phone (sometimes optional)

Here is the video to see how:

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nikeman765 years ago
sweet im gonna do that to my sister and her boyfriend!
moagnor7 years ago
Cell phone signals tend to disturb car stereo, TV-speakers, Walkman, monitorspeakers etc, so allthough this is a straightforward "hack" it will also be very simple to detect that someone is eavesdropping.
static moagnor7 years ago
I have yet to note my cell phone to interfere with other electronic equipment. Those small phones put out less power than a flea fart.
second lol on flea fart. Haven't head that used on the internet before...
 You only just read it  via the internet. Someday you just may hear it via the internet. :)
And then... will I be able to taste it?
 OMG lol godly!! XD
Derin static6 years ago
Well,when cell phones are about to ring you hear a dudurut dudurut sound from speakers.
Derin Derin6 years ago
*keyboard*click click click
*speaker*dudurut dudurut dudurut dudurut
*cell* ring ring ring ring ring ring riiiiiiiiiiiing ring ring ring
And yes,that is an actual ringtone.
natnie Derin6 years ago
That's exactly what my speakers do. "Dut dut du-dut dut duuuuuutttt" (beat) "Ring!"
Unit042 natnie5 years ago
It also wreaks havoc on CRT computer monitors. The image goes wayvy. The screen is fine afterward...
toogers static6 years ago
in other news, flea farts are 90 percent of the worlds population.
lol flea fart
whenever my phone rings it makes my speakers make really weird noises.

handy for detecting when texts are coming because they make the noise a few seconds before the text comes =]
jj32x moagnor7 years ago
mobile (cell) phone signals only interfere with unshielded equipment. most cars have shielded stereo's so the engine doesn't interfere with them. if you wanted to put the phone somewhere near unshielded equipment then putting the phone in a metal case would stop it interfering with other equipment.
reywolf jj32x6 years ago
mine messes with the monitor of the comp i used to write this
like cell phone towers?
reywolf moagnor6 years ago
unless your bugging a bunch of silly band girls who are trying to prank you...
thats usually only true for nextel phones..
dfc849 moagnor7 years ago
Good post! ...I thought that was only GSM phones? The phone above in the picture looks like the Nokia 2865i, which is a CDMA phone. Also, this works very well with free M2M (mobile-to-mobile, available on most phone plans now) as long as you are calling from a phone on the same network/provider.
i have seen this in a police report (it is Very ilegal to put in somewhere if its not your own car, bus, mcdonnalds,etc :-P) someone has put one of these in a girls suv and used its phone gps system to track her down and eavesdrop her any time the murderer wanted to (murderer was husband :-X) till one day she was killed, and the police found a rig hidden in the console, and was tapped into the suvs power so it would charge forever. cool, but not so cool. :-/
themeatloaf (author)  !Andrew_Modder!8 years ago
Sure it can be misused. But most things can. Tool are not evil. If they where evil you could say the car was speeding not you.
I think he's saying that it's illegal to bug someone else's car or home.
Well the parents can legally bug the kids car, if they (the parents) own it. Few teens actually own their own car.
reywolf static6 years ago
its illegal to own any sort of bug for a civilian. thats why we're using a cell phone ;)
wait... what? seriously? what law prevents us from owning bugs? :-/
 I believe their are laws that address eavesdropping on others. without their knowledge. The reason for the boiler plate message "this call may be monitored,,, " when one calls some customer service numbers.
But it is not illegal to bug the car of your child, especially if it is your car etc etc.
yes, exactly!
sharlston5 years ago
great ible 5 stars
you can use a set of walkie talkies by holding the speak button down with duct tape and plant it in the room your listening to then turn the other one on
wethecom6 years ago
the cheapest kyosera have those options ive thought of this before and done it for the hell of it no doubt this works . think i should do a instructable i made software that motion detects a room threw a camera & could be done threw a parralel port using a motion sensor then when it detects anything the application opens up gismo 5 and give you a ring you can listen to the room and you can talk threw your pc speakers ...wow that sound like paranoia...but i have alot of roomates and a few things missing.........
tweeker!  j/k

when i had roomates, and my things went missing. "Ok! Who the @#$% stole it!" Confrontation is always the most entertaining option.
cloner7 years ago
changing the cellphone's packaging (like some desk toy) would really help conceal this one :)
Solar cells may also help. They've gotten to the point where fluorescent lighting can produce enough electricity to at least extend the battery 's life.
acdc1226 cloner6 years ago
good idea
acdc12266 years ago
erm i am a 13 yr old kid. and u r a sad father! erm its a lttle thing called PRIVACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
themeatloaf (author)  ladiesman2477 years ago
13 yr don't get Privacy, When you get a 13yr you'll understand
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