Easy Minnow Trap Out of a Waterbottle





Introduction: Easy Minnow Trap Out of a Waterbottle

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Things you will need:
-a water bottle
-tape or staples(staples work better)
-rope or string(opional)

Step 1: Cut the Water Bottle

Cut the water bottle to make a funnel of the top and you can throw away the cap.

Step 2: Make the Form

Put the funnel part upside down on the bottle and push it in but not all the way.

Step 3: Put Tape on It or Staple It

Put tape on it or staple it. If you would like you can attach a rope or string to it so if you put it in the water you can put it back up and you can attach a cork to the other side of the rope to make a marker so you know where it is.

Step 4: Finished

This is the finshed product of it all.Don't forget to add good bait and have fun!



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    that was fun and easy thanks

    I have found that bread and hotdog in pantyhose works great and no mess

    What kind of bait do you use to catch those fish?

    1 reply