Step 6:

yeah your right this pretty much sucks looking forward to you update, so will you email me when you got it going on great idea, thomasready@msn.com
THIS IS TIGHT!<br><br>check mine out <br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Mountain-Bike-Chopper/
strap a stereo on and ride slow, you're the pimp of the neighborhood. come to school in THAT to be freckin WORSHIPPED!!!
<br />Because of the detailed instruction you have provided on each step I'm 100% confident anyone could do this build.&nbsp;Thanks.<br />
I like the way the &quot;ible is as clear as day. &nbsp;Very Well done, I can't wait to get into my shed and build this&nbsp;
pictures are small :( but nice instructable! *TWO&nbsp;THUmBS&nbsp;UP*<br />
the pic is a little small to see

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