Eazy Build Bicycle Chopper

Picture of Eazy Build Bicycle Chopper
hi everyone this my idea of a chopper and what i like to call the Eazy Build Bicycle Chopper.
there are not many pic of the build and there not very detailed but there are some pic of the 2nd one i"m building it's half built (the rear end) it will be full suspension with a 35cc chainsaw motor on it hope to be belt drive.

check the pics
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Step 1:

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getting the angle right for the top bar was a little tricky but once you get the length right its sits there really good

Step 2:

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all welded up with wheels on ready for paint.

that"s all of the pics i have at the moment of the chopper i will up date soon like 2 weeks so be shore to have a look.

next is the full suspension motorized chopper.

Step 3:

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more on the next step.

it a little hard to see so like i said i will up date it soon.

Step 4:

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and more on the next step.

Step 5:

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that's all for now i will keep you all posted in a few weeks

Step 6:

thomasready2 years ago
yeah your right this pretty much sucks looking forward to you update, so will you email me when you got it going on great idea,

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