Ebike Upgrades: SLA Battery Wiring and Charging





Introduction: Ebike Upgrades: SLA Battery Wiring and Charging

Well I've been riding my electric bike a lot lately, and its about time to do a little check up and service on it and prepare it for upgrades! I plan on upgrading to a 2000w controller along with eventually using Li-Ion (lithium ion.)

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Hi All, I'm new to this so if I have put this in the wrong place please advise me where I can get help with this issue.

got an electric bike with a Hall Effect throttle which outputs .8 to
4.8 volts as it should. However the motor dosn't start running until see
1.4 V and my motor is at full throttle when the Hall output is around
3.8 V This gives me a very limited range on the twist grip so I'd like
to build a circuit that outputs 1.3 to 3.8 over the whole throttle
range. The controller is a Golden Motor programmable unit and I've built
the restrictor circuit shown in the picture attached

Golden Motor Controller.jpgRestrictorschematic.jpg

Nice. Thanks for sharing.