That's right, a repeating crossbow.

Step 1: Barrel

1 - Rails. Make two

2 - Barrel walls. Make two

3 - Barrel floor

4 - Add the floor parts to one of the walls with white rods as shown

5 - Add the other wall

6 - Add the rails onto the sides of the barrel

7 - Closeup of the back, showing how to secure the rails
<p>thanks i realy like it</p>
how powerful is it, I'm guess i know in about an hour
&nbsp;Hey dradis, have you seen my repeating crossbow?
Interesting! Sort of like the Chinese Zhu Ge Nu.
lol i call this the nu plain nu
You mean the Chu Ko Nu.
Well in pinyin it's zhu ge nu.
&nbsp;Seriously dude put in a ratchet it will be a killer<br /> <br />
This works for ANYONE AT ALL ?? How to fire and load and lock and stuff IT DOESNT WORK !!
it dosent work but mine will
NO WAY !!! U can lock this device U just made fack sh*t :P +_=<br/>
I made it and added a stalk with a scope and a big rubberband from the doctors.
I have it suscribed faved and fived. XD (Sorry Viccie ure lines)
It would be awesome to make te bow a sort of folding out like <a rel="nofollow" href="http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=_9KleCswrGk">this</a> on 0:13.<br/><br/>to make it more portable.<br/>
Sweet idea, man! fived and faved!
Cool idea, so its pump action or is it like a bold?
You totally have a great idea!!!! Now for me to mod. I promise in under 1 month I will come out with a repeating crossbow that has a range of over 50 feet and will hold 5 shots. It wont have a pump but it will be insane.
HALP! Everytime I try to pump it, the band doesn't go around the trigger...
Sometimes you may need to pull the trigger down slightly in order to give it a little extra help, OR you put a green rod into the middle of the bottom of the pump, facing the trigger, so it bumps into the trigger and pushes it down slightly.
Check mine from lego: <a rel="nofollow" href="http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=ubdlI-a4jZI">http://nl.youtube.com/watch?v=ubdlI-a4jZI</a><br/>
By repeating, do you mean semi-auto?
No, just rapid fire
Awesome. I tried my hand at making a repeating crossbow twice, but the first failed, and the second one blew up all the time. I guess I should have just used rubber bands on the second one though, flexible limbs are impossible with K'nex T_T
Nope not impossible, I did make one, that had 2 hinges near the center of the bow and had loads of rubber bands there.<br/>Wasn't very powerful though =|<br/>
It would be possible that way, and it would have some good power because of leverage if applied correctly. But technically it would still be powered by rubber bands, not by the limbs.
Well it only simulates it =d<br/><br/>But building one that uses pieces actually bending sounds very hard to pull off; if not impossible =o<br/>
mepains crossbow uses flexi arms....
I've never really tested how well that performed, even though I did build it. I guess I couldn't get it to work.
it was amazing!!!!!!
I was just working on a repeating crossbow but miserably failed, glad to see someone succeed! Nice job =D.<br/>
same i tried but failed too
I just finished making this, impressive mech, but it is low power and capacity.
this is the peak of all knex crossbow inventions. You have my respect, sir DRADIS.
THIS IS AWESOME! I will build once I destroy my new sniper that is using all my yellows.
looks pretty freaking tanked.<br/>needs a better handle and a stock then it would be one of the best looking xbow on the site =D<br/>
ooooo neat!

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