Picture of Echo the Walrus
This is a picture of Echo dressed in her Halloween costume as a walrus. She is a 7 year old Boston Terrier and we have been doing homemade costumes for her since 2006. She's an awesome sport. This costume was made from micro-suede, batting and linen fabric and sewn by hand. The tusks were carved from synthetic ivory.

To begin with the Walrus costume, I drew up several sketches to get an idea of what I wanted to do. Having made clothes for Echo in the past, I knew roughly what would work, etc., but as always there are trial and many errors in sewing. The Walrus costume is essentially a shell. It fits over the dog’s head and drapes down her back. There are no securing straps, elastic and what have you underneath to keep it in place, it stays still because it encompasses her sides as well. I did originally think to add this strap detail, but saw it wasn’t needed after all.

Step 1:

Picture of
First, measure your dog. I took a lengthy amount of measurements that included the following: nose to neck, chin to neck, head diameter, neck diameter, neck to tail, neck/chest to rear feet, tail to ground, then I divided her back length in to thirds and measured that distance to the ground in each of the three spots (shoulder, mid back, tail).

Once I had the measurements, I laid the linen out and used a fabric marker to notate the general shape I wanted the garment to be and marked the neck, mid-back and tail locations. I then decided to add three inches to the space between each of these marks to allow for gathering and sewing of the “blubber”.

80$man3 years ago
Epicness! I had a good laugh! 5*

I have got a great dane, dont know if this would work...
mantill 80$man1 year ago
Please make one for your GD and put up a photo! lol
damianzuch1 year ago
Wow. I have a friend with a stout puggle that really is just begging for this costume. Amazing!!!! Thank you!!!
ka2858081 year ago
Omg this is such a great costume and her face and expression is priceless. Its amazing how much she looks like my Boston Lily. They are such great dogs and love you no matter how you dress them and what you do to them lol!
alcurb1 year ago
"Oh the indignity. Please take this off of me. I'm done with this" :-)

Amazing work!
Geniale ! BRAVO ! LoL
J-Five2 years ago
lugreen2 years ago
just genius! I wish my dobe was as good a sport as Echo :)
mydogiscute3 years ago
una_amor3 years ago
You could easily enter Echo in a halloween contest as herself "adorable dog" and she would win but this costume is really amazing. Thanks for sharing this.
ohclaire7143 years ago
This is adorable! Thank you for sharing!
sinskeep3 years ago
WOW! I can't make up my mind, if I am more impressed by the incredible costume, or that you got your Boston Terrier to wear it. She is soooo cute. Our Boston hates to be dressed up.
That is so adorable!! This has to be one of the cutest pictures I have ever seen. Keep up the good work, if this is only a glimpse of what you have done I can only imagine what talent you have for this. btw Echo definately knows how good she looks. You can see it written all over her face. :p
Honus3 years ago
That has got to be one of the best pet costumes ever!
angelabchua3 years ago
I can't stop laughing! hahah This is a FANTASTIC costume!

ChrysN3 years ago
Amazing costume, she looks so cute in it!
tocsik3 years ago
Normally I don't understand the whole dressing your pet up thing, but this is awesome. Great Work!
Kiteman3 years ago
This is very cute, but I have the feeling that Echo might want to grow up and take some sort of revenge one day...

(Having said that, we have got to see some video of her walking around in it!)
BrittLiv3 years ago
Amazing first instructable! Please, keep on posting!
I'm so glad you posted this!!! Again, it is so adorable! And you have such detailed instructions! I hope to see more in the future :)