Picture of Eclipse (or Altoids) Torch
I always wanted to do an Altoids project but i have never seen them for sale here in New Zealand... we do however have these Eclipse mints...

Plus its recycling and it green..!

So here goes a simple torch with a a squeezy switch..

Step 1: Procure tin

Picture of Procure tin
empty tin 2.jpg
First get your trusty empty tine... these eclipse mini tins are good since they have a nice little door that snaps closed...

Choose a tin that flexes when you squeeze it...
jlandreth11 year ago
I live in NZ too and I've been wanting to find altoids tins for ages. You might be able to get them at international food stores or something... Do Americans not call these torches but flashlights?!?!!? I've never called them flashlights...
you can get cheap ($3.50) boxes on trademe with lots of different flavors
mine's better
Oh really? That's what you think.
Why not?
awang86 years ago
I tried this last year. It worked perfectly. Thanks for the 'ible.
mason01907 years ago
Erm... In america, a torch is a wieldable piece of equipment. It is usually used to catch fire.
well he's obviously not from America, as he clearly states, you think that you would get the point of it being a flashlight as he uses it in the dark to brighten things.

As for the ..able I think it is brilliant, here in Australia we don't have Altoids (or at least i think we don't) and i think this is just great show of utilising what you have.

awang8 eljamo6 years ago
In Australia, we do have Altoids, but they're EXTREMELY hard to find. At Sydney, there's a big glass shopping-centre near (I think it's called Harbour Town)Sydney Harbour, and inside there's a candy shop that sells Altoids Mints (not gum). They also sell Dr Pepper, but that's different.
ipwn6 years ago
i thought you meant torch as in to light stuff on fire
scott! ipwn6 years ago
So did I! I was a bit disappointed at first, lol
spartana6 years ago
Excellent! I have a couple empty eclipse tins lying around too, One thing i have found that could be very close to a Altoids tin is the Wild Bean branded mints you can get from Wild Bean cafes in BP service stations (RRP $2.50 NZ roughly). But they aren't as cool looking though. Currently my dad uses them for holding various sized drill bits as he has a couple of each size. He may find one missing sooner or later :)
Mr. Deeds7 years ago
If you had the time and patience, you could probably make an entire message out of these. I was kind of looking for an actual "torch", but this is pretty good.
You could take a Zippo jet lighter insert and put it in there, then make a way to electronically start it.
=SMART=7 years ago
damn tin mint cases are so usefull!!
this is awesome now make me an eclipse tazergun lol people woould think your generously offering them a mint then ZAPP lol im evil
microman1717 years ago
Kewl! I like that! I also have a few white LED's lieing around. I have everything for this! My eclipse containers are blue and red.