There are always those annoying, scavenger-like birds lurking near by in your backyard or by your home.  By using materials that you would usually throw away, you can now solve that problem by creating a bird feeder within minutes!  With this bird feeder, the feed will fall out through the holes created, creating a plate of feed to any birds!

Step 1: Gather Materials

1. One 2-liter bottle 
2. A plastic plate (hard plastic)
3. Dremmle(or any other small tool used to cut plastic)
4. Drill
5. Nails to fit in drill
6. Hot glue gun (and glue, plugged in and ready to use!)
7. String (smaller the better, but not easily broken!)
8. Thick and dark marker
9. Funnel
10. Bird Feed (can be actual bird food, or even crushed up grains and seeds!)
11. Newspaper to lay down on the table to keep it from getting stained or ruined
***OPTIONAL: paints and other decorative supplies to personalize and decorate your bird feeder!
So creative!I should try it

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