Eco-Friendly DIY Cement Planters




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Introduction: Eco-Friendly DIY Cement Planters

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Eco-Friendly DIY Indoor Project:
Cement planters

Laminated Wooden Sheet(8 hexagon pieces & 4 square pieces) , Scissor, Plastic Tapes, Ruler, Tap Water, Cement and Sand.

Benefits: low maintenance, less water consumption, helps clear formaldehyde and benzene(air pollutants), the gel inside an aloe plant can help heal cuts and burns.

Hope you enjoy building indoor plants.



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    Nice finished item! Can you please provide some details. For example, what is the ratio of cement to sand that you used? Did you use a specific brand/type of cement? Does the laminated wooden sheet hold up after casting (can the pieces for the mold be re-used)?

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    Thanks, 1:2 (1 part of sand: 2 part of cement), no specific brand you can go with any industrial based cement, laminated wood can be used for re mold if you sealed the edges and shiny surface with plastic, in my case it absorbs water and loosen it's shiny surface and strength of wood. So I didn't re used. I hope you get it.