This is an entry for the Gorilla Glue Cardboard Competition. Everyone needs a spare pair of shoes. With the help of some cardboard, a few shopping bags, and some Gorilla Glue, I give you....

The life-saving, high style, eco-friendly emergency flip flops!

Step 1: Get Your Materials Together

You'll need
  • A piece (or pieces) of stiff cardboard about 4 square feet in size.
  • A box cutter or razor blade
  • a pair of scissors
  • a pencil
  • Some Gorilla Glue
  • two plastic shopping bags
  • Paint or markers for decoration (optional)
Can u paint on them when finished making the sandals
You know how you could do this faster? <br>============= <br>LASER CUTTER <br>=============
I love this. There is more than one kind of Gorilla glue. Could you be more specific what exact type of Gorilla glue you used? The ones I'm familiar with are one that is a brown liquid that expands and looks yellow when dry and one that is a type of super glue. The glue you used doesn't resemble either of those. I suppose I could research online, but I was hoping for a quick answer despite the fact your instrucable is several years old. Thanks!
Hi!<br><br>It was the regular expanding yellow goop that dries clear!<br>
Wonderful! I made something similar in college, but used duct tape to "water proof it". Great job. I love how comfortable the plastic bags are, never would have guessed until I tried it.
sweet! this may be the first thing i try to make off this site =-D<br/>
I like this! This is great! From one cardboarder to another, 5stars! Cman
What if you step in something wet?
Ahhhh, you've found my 'Achilles Heel' (no foot pun intended there). I suppose I could dip them (or at least the bottoms) in some rubbery sealer. But then they would lose their cardboard coolness... We'll add a disclaimer "Use may be shortened if worn in a wet environment" LOL!
Nice one!
Why Thank You, Crazypoop! It's my first how-to on this site. I was a little nervous!

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