If you like growing plants indoor then use the Brown paper tube. The brown paper tube can be reached by using your empty roll paper towel or bathroom toilet paper. The seedling process very easy and you can use any seeds to germinate in the tube and then plant them outside when the time is right.

Step 1: Brown Paper Tube

Use the brown paper tube and use the scissor to cut them two inches by the height. Cover the one side of the tube with a paper by using tape to wrap around it.
warning: object is sharp like scissor so be careful. use adult supervision if you don't know how to use a scissor.

Step 2: Place the Tube in Secure Place

Now use any object to place your tube in. you could use a plate, shoe box, or pot whatever you like. in my case, I used the aluminum tray. use tape and stick it to the cover part of the cover and place the cover part on top of the object. in my case, I placed the cover part of the tube on top of the aluminum. use tape to stick the cover part of the tube to the box so it would not slide.

Step 3: Use Soil

Now put the soil in the opening part of the tube and fill it up.

Step 4: Make a Hole

using pencil make a hole in the center about half inches.

Step 5: SEED

use any kind of seed that you like, in my case, I used chia seeds because it is easy to grow.

Step 6: Insert the Seed

place your seed in the hole and add more soil to cover it.
warning: don't use more than three seeds because it will not germinate correctly.

Step 7: Find a Good Spot

find a great spot with enough sunlight where you can place the plant seedling so it can get come sunlight because sunlight helps the plant to grow.

Step 8: Add Water

add about 5 tablespoons of water and do it every three times a week.
warning: don't add too much because the tube would get soaked.

Step 9: Clean Up

remember to clean up after you done making the plant seedling it's part of good antiquate.

Step 10: Check Up

remember to check up you plant every two times a week to see if the seeds germinated or not. you should have some results in about two or fewer weeks but if you don't see it then the seeds could have been stale, so repeat the steps again and see what happens.

<p>A more eco friendly method is to use &quot;only&quot; paper tube, no scotch, if <br>you cut your tube 4 time &quot;vertically&quot; , by folding these parts, <br>you are able to make a solid enough bottom and you can plant it that way<br> directly in the soil after your seed has sprout (here is a picture of this,found on internet)</p>
<p>Great recycling project!</p>

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