Dear all,

This is my Approach to designing a better pathway to a environmentally friendly world, through product designing. I have done extensive research and developed my ideas to the best possible solutions to the design problem.

To produce a product which can encourage, consumers to purchase real plants, over plastic plants. I intend to create a feature which waters the plants for the consumer.  This in essence is the foundation of my product, this is what it must do. Since Product Designers are not inventors, it is our job to use creativity from our research. So I will use my research done, to influence and inspire creativity in me, allowing me to create a original product. In relation to this design problem, it is a fact that less and less designers are influenced to design products which are environmentally friendly or have positive outlook on the environment, and there is a  lack of product (designer)  which fail, to turn consumer concern (such as global warming) into consumer demand. Millions of consumers purchase plants, from shops, gardening centre and markets, although majority of the consumers fail to look after them. The problem that consumers face is watering the plant, most consumers have no time to water their plants. The product will be aimed for, adults aged from 16 above, for both genders. From this project, I initially aim to learn and understand  more about plants, along with how plants can effect and  the environment and working atmosphere.

For dimensions:

*please look at the picture, which contains the components, cutting list and industrial dimensions. You can alter the materials, because i have slightly more expensive version of the product which has designed to gain visual attention too.

*the components such as "TRAY", "INNER TRAY" and "MOUNT", these will be made and fitted, please check the cad files for their dimensions. You can you the cad files to print them off.

*please look at the Assembly file (Assem1), which will open up the constructed CAD of the product as one product, for more details on specific component you can view its original file. All files are created in Solid works. All the cad work is in the CAD.zip file.

Step 1: Manufacturing Step

All the manufacturing steps are indicated in the manufacturing process. There is an extensive amount to read, but once you have understood how its made it easy to make it. Click the little "i" at the corner of the picture, which gives you a better resolution of the picture.
Ive currently placed my instructable, on the make it real contest. However it says waiting for moderator approval, how long does this take?
What's with the double-spread images with text?<br><br>Where did they come from?
This looks like a term project for an industrial design course. I couldn't find any matching images through the usual sites, so it is likely original work. The author's personal description says they are a &quot;product design student&quot; in London.
&quot;Dear tutor, <br><br>Please have a word about &quot;presentation&quot; with this &quot;student of design&quot;.&quot;
Hi this is the author, I'm not sure what you mean by double spread images?, my work is originally edited and created in PowerPoint, since I had other stuff such as testing phases,.... Sigh etc. so I took them out, and that's I why I have a lot of white space. If you could me a clear cut instruction on what I should improve on, them know please. I will be happy to make the change straight away. I also found that the resolution of the PowerPoint images I had uploaded lost its resolution after upload. So I uploaded a sepate zip file for the viewers to clearly read. Yes this is my original work, which roughly took me a year to complete with the research and development phase.
Simple - the images should be images, not blocks of text.<br><br>The relevant text should be in the text boxes.<br><br>The resolution of the original slides has not been lost (if you click the small &quot;i&quot; in the corner of the final image, you can see the full-sized version), but you are making your readers do a lot of work to simply look at your project.<br><br>These are basic errors in presentation that should not be being made by somebody at your stage of education, in a subject where presentation skills are vital.
Hello Kiteman,<br><br>Now i have taken the text out of the pictures and placed them in to the box. However i am not sure how to take the text of the manufacturing process picture in to the text box for instructables, because all my text is on a table form.
That looks much better, and is far easier to read now.<br><br>I think we can forgive a single table...
Thanks<br>Made it even better with the new pictures. XD

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