Introduction: Eco Info H2O Stand

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My friends asked me: could you create DIY art construction without any big budget just with about 300$ ?

Idea was to create something outdor that could pay attention at the object. And to print the info about ecological situation with our river.

Step 1: Materials

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Plywood 21mm - 2440*1220mm - 1pc

Steel profile - 40*60*2mm - 6m

Varnish and Paint

Step 2: Project Something Interesting

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I asked: -what you want to see?

- H2O Molecule.

- Okay.

Step 3: Welding of the Metal

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Step 4: Cutting

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Cut on a milling machine the wooden parts

Step 5: Dyeing

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Dye the wooden parts and metal

Step 6: Assembly

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just insert the details into each other with an ax

Step 7: Mounting

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Hammer in the asphalt reinforcement and weld it to the rack, attach a sign with information


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