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These Green, Earth friendly, reusable totes are great for groceries, picnics, toys or just about anything. I make them from recycled feed bags!! 


cazomatic (author)2013-08-14

Hmm... I don't see the instructions anywhere. Are they posted?

realgenius65 (author)2011-07-14

I've been making these with dog food and bird seed bags for a few years now. They hold up real well if you use scrap material on the sewn seams. It keeps the plastic fabric from coming apart from whatever weight is put in the bag. I also make Dog Bone shaped Pet Christmas Stockings w/the dog food bags. FUN STUF....

HorseyGal (author)realgenius652012-01-06

Have you posted a HOW TO on those dog bone shaped stockings??? I would LOVE to see that!
Thanks! Kimi

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