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Introduction: Eco Inner Tube Flogger

How to make your very own, easy, inexpensive, eco friendly, very alternative flogger. A product suitable for vegan use made only using 2 used bike inner tubes! No adhesive necessary!

Step 1: Step 1 - Materials

As this was the first time making, I over estimated a little with 3 inner tubes. You can use 3 or 4 depending on how long or big you want it but for a total length of 45cm 2 inner tubes is ideal.

so for a 45cm flogger you will need:
- 2 standard adult size inner tubes
- scissors
- scalpel
- ruler
- pen

you can do the whole thing with just a good pair of scissors if you don't have the scalpel

Step 2: Step 2 - Measuring & Cutting

For a 45cm flog we need to double the length in order for it to be easy to make and for a good finnish, so....

- First measure 30cm from just where the valve ends and mark with a pen
- Then from the mark measure 15cm (this is roughly the length you want for the handle)
- Measure another 15cm from the previous mark
- And then 30cm from the last mark.

so you should have markings that look something like this 

0cm                                30cm           45cm            60cm                             75cm
cut                                                                                                                      cut

Make a cut through the whole inner tube at the end markings only using scissors or scalpel and ruler.

Repeat this step for the other half of the remaining inner tube and for the 2nd inner tube.

Step 3: Step 3 - Assembly

Now the next few stages are the trickiest and will require some patience but trust me you will get it.

- First find the middle of each strip and fold in half.
- You can use a metal ring or keyring to thread them through and you will have a nice loop for hanging but its not necessary but it does  make it a bit easier to handle.
- Repeat for all 4 lengths and hold tightly together. If you want to temporarily fix them use a rubber band, hair band, string or anything handy.

Step 4: Step 4 - Assembly

Using 1 of the 2 valve cut offs that were left over from cutting the lengths, we are going to secure the end of the flog.

- Roll the longer end up slightly in order the stretch over the looped end of the flog, this will make it easier to pull down.
- Using scissors for scalpel, cut around the valve to remove it.
- Fold the end over twice so the hole is no longer visible.

Step 5: Step 5 - Binding

This is probably the hardest part but after this its plain sailing!

To make the handle we need to bind a strip of rubber around very tightly, so...

- First, if you have mended puncture areas on your inner tubes like i have, this is the best way to effectively get rid of them.
- Cut about 1 cm wide, 25-30cm long strips from areas of the inner tubes you'd like to get rid of. In the end I used 1 long and 1 short for my handle.
- Tuck the end of the strip into the band at the end to secure and start to wrap around pulling very tight and overlapping the previous.
- When at the end leaving enough left to go round twice, use a pen to create a gap.
- Wrap the rubber round and tuck the end behind the pen.
- Use the pen to pull the end under the rubber so it is secure.

- Tuck the next piece of rubber under the last and repeat the process, leaving enough at the end to secure it twice.

Step 6: Step 6 - Tidying Up

Now the hard bits over, phew! Okay now its all about making it look neat and tidy and giving it your own touch, if you want to.

- Using the other valve section of the leftover inner tube, cut away the valve so you have a section of plain rubber.
-  Stretch this over the end of the handle and down to where the rubber thongs have been tucked in.
-  You can fold it and arrange it however you like. I folded it over twice at the top. This makes it look tidy and more secure.

- You can arrange the top band how you like as well, i folded both ends twice over.

(you can keep the valve for decoration if you like and thread it on the handle like the other bands for a more alternative D.I.Y. look)

Step 7: Step 7 - Cutting Your Thongs

Ok nearly there now and this bit is the easy part and you can to whatever you like, the choice is yours!

There is no right or wrong as to how you cut you thongs, well preferably in a fairly straight line but you decide on how thick or thin you want them and what shape your ends are.

I went for 1cm wide. You could mix it up and have various widths, its entirely up to you!

I've included some ideas for various ends to your thongs, depending on how much you want it to sting, or how you want it to look.
Mix and match if you like or just keep it square.

Step 8: Step 8 - FINISHED

Now its time to enjoy your new, eco friendly, recycled, vegan toy!! Please remember your safe words and Have fun!!



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    Nice instructable.. I had problems with the valve wrap section but I improvised and it was all cool! I added some old picture hanging wire I found lying around the house. I tucked the wire in under the valve wrap, 3 wraps in total. At the handle end, mid point on the "flat" of the handle, and the 2nd was from midpoint on the "edge". Both running same direction. The 3rd was from the flogger end, again tucked under the valve wrap and running in the opposite direction.
    I'm thinking of making my next with skateboard grip type ends to the flog..... Bitey! ;)


    can this be made available as a pdf at all? LOVE it....and I know a couple others that will too :D

    thanks man, I've been looking for a good way to flog those eco vegans. lets see them hug my tree while eating sprouts now!!!

    So from your title, this is for flogging vegans that refuse to finish eating their meats on the dinner plate? or Eco Vegans making this a "hipster whip"?

    4 replies

    Haha well to write Eco friendly flogger, vegan product made from recycled inner tubes is a bit of a mouth full. Can you honestly say thats what you think its for? or are you just trying to justify fault with a title that is pretty obvious. Its pretty well explained in the intro. I mean if you want to use it to flog vegans that refuse to eat meat products (because you came up with that idea) then i'm sorry i cant support it.

    I actually don't need to do anything if i'm perfectly honest

    Very well-documented first Instructable.

    I won't be following it personally, but I'm sure other people will find it useful.

    1 reply

    Cheers mate, thanks for the comment.