Introduction: Eco-friendly Oil Candle

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Super simple eco-friendly oil candle. 
Takes 5 minutes to make. 

Step 1: Materials

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1) Soda can
2) Olive oil
3) Piece of fabric (100% cotton)
4) Scissors

Step 2: Cut

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Cut soda can in half

Step 3: Fit

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Fit one half of the can into another

Step 4: Hole

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Make a little hole in the top of the can

Step 5: Olive Oil

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Pour olive oil into the bottom of the can

Step 6: Soak

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Soak the cotton fabric strip in the olive oil for couple minutes

Step 7: Pull

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Pull the cotton strip thought the hole in the top of the can

Step 8: The Candle Is Ready

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Light up the candle
The candle lasts up to 3 hours, then you can add another strip of cotton fabric and more oil.


chavalion (author)2013-05-18

I can put any kind of oil? (cars, coconut, baby)

blodefood (author)chavalion2013-06-12

I would not use automotive oil. Quite dangerous, toxic and smelly. Coconut oil might work but only in its melted state. You'll have to try it. Baby oil which is the same as mineral oil or paraffin oil would work well. But make sure you get unscented baby oil or your house will smell like a baby change station.

fishik (author)chavalion2013-05-18

I have only tried olive and almond oil, but I think any kind of oil should work.

gomiboy (author)2013-05-26

I gave this a try with my daughter's Girl Scout troop, and while the construction was easy (thanks to your instructions!), we couldn't keep them lit for more than 2-3 minutes before they went out. We used 100% cotton, but the fabric burned very quickly. Maybe it wasn't a tight enough weave? Where did your wick material come from? We used an old dish towel. Thanks!

blodefood (author)gomiboy2013-06-12

This is one problem with tall containers. The oil needs to travel up the wick a distance before it gets to the flame. The solution is to use short, wide containers so the oil only has to go a short distance.

fishik (author)gomiboy2013-05-30

Thank you. It's weird that you couldn't keep them lit for more than 2-3 minutes, because mine lights for at least 10-15 minutes and then I need to pull the cloth up. To make it lit longer try to really soak it in the oil before burning, for at least five minutes. Also, make sure its 100% cotton, because a little nylon or spandex, could really affect the burning. My material came from an old t-shirt. Hope this helps.

ben7798 (author)2013-05-12

How much oil do you add to the bottom of the can to get 3 hours of burn time? And do you need to pull the wick (cloth) up while it's burning? Nice instructable btw :)

fishik (author)ben77982013-05-18

I added about 100 mL of oil, and yes you do need to pull the cloth up while it burns (about every 15-20 minutes, depends on the lenght)

dizzle976 (author)2013-05-12

Pepsi can. Not a coke can

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