Eco Friendly Business Cards From Cereal Carton





Introduction: Eco Friendly Business Cards From Cereal Carton

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When attending various trade shows and/or conferences you want to impress (empress/my_mistake:) the contacts you meet. You also want to be eco friendly so that your impact on nature is minimal. Thus this project: I make my business cards from cereal cartons with a black and white laser printer. They come out really neat, colorful and flashy. And they definitely make an impression.

Step 1: Disassemble Cereal Carton

Find side of carton box which was factory glued and carefully detach the folded sheets by hand. Disassemble

Step 2: Design Business Card

There are many programs out there which will enable you to do this. You can even do it in notepad if you're an avid user. Since I'm a Linux guy, I do it in gLabels. After you're done, make a test print on regular paper. Then superimpose the printed business cards on a standard Legal or A4 (if you're in Europe like I) over the carton from cereal and cut out a page for printing your great looking business cards.

Step 3: Print Them Out and Cut'em

You may need to give the piece of carton a slight "push" if you're printer is not too cooperative. Mine just needs a verly light push. Voila, the business cards are ready for cutting. Use scissors or a fancy cutter and your eco friendly low budget cards are ready to bring you success!



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    Nice one, It is very useful for many things, It's just the best!!!

    Павел, замечательная идея! А ник просто бесподобный!

    Very clever. Might give this a go next time I need "card stock" for something.

    1 reply

    Good luck! Note that sometimes a laser printer needs a little help with these thick sheets of cardboard to be pushed into the printer :)

    Used cereal boxes are useful for a lot of things! I hadn't thought of this one, but it seems like a cool idea. Thanks!

    (Personally, I paint on most of mine with acryllics.)

    1 reply

    Have you created an "instructable" on how to make these hand painted business cards?

    Excellent concept/'ible!

    Just one thing though: 'impress' is more impressive than 'empress'.


    cool to look even more like a store bought card stock one could do a light cote of spray paint 

    Yeah, good one, lots of potential.