Introduction: Eco Friendly Cutting Board Cleaning

Stop using expensive chemicals! Save the planet and use this very simple cleaning solution!

Step 1: 1#

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Pur some salt ont he cutting board

Step 2: 1.1#

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You can use fine or rough salt depending on how hard is the dirt. Or you can mix it and use both! We did that.

Step 3: 2#

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Take a half lemon and start scrubing the surface.

Step 4: 3#

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When you say it is clean enough just wash it with clear water. If you don't get the expeced result just repeate the previous steps until you will be satisfied.

When done wipe it with a dry kitchen cloath.

Step 5: The End

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It's so unexpensive and also chemical free!

That's the ShiftyWay ;)


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