Step 2: Mix the gum and water

Picture of Mix the gum and water
plastic bottle.JPG
I like to mix this in a clear jar, so you can see how the mixing process is going, and can put the lid on and shake. A glass bottle is pictured here, but a plastic juice bottle also works well and is safer to use in the shower. You can transfer it to an old plastic shampoo or conditioner bottle to dispense it from later--or if you have a clear plastic dispenser bottle you can mix it directly in that.

First measure 2/3 cup water into your mixing container.

It works best to add the xanthan gum and guar gum to the water very slowly, so you don't get as many clumps. So first measure the amount needed (1/4 tsp of each for gel; 1/8 tsp each for conditioner), and temporarily put them somewhere, like in a spoon or a saucer. Sprinkle a small pinch on the surface of the water, and mix it in by capping and shaking the bottle vigorously. Repeat this process (dust the surface with a pinch, then cap and shake) until all the gum is mixed in. If you get some clumps that don't mix in, don't sweat it too much--if you don't get them mixed in today, they'll be easier to mix in after they soak overnight.

The mixture becomes amazingly thick considering how little is in it other than water.