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Economical water heater for shower water:
If you had barbecue on the campside and no warm water here is an opinion:

You need:

-1m Silicone hose D10mm

-2m copper pipe D10mm -

the printing part for the decathlon shower or

-the printing part for the Hühnersdorff canister

-a camping grill or another fireplace

Twist the copper pipe around a bottle, so you get a coil like in the picture. Connect the silicone hose by putting it on the copper pipe and on the printed nozzle (or stick it in the connection of the decathlon shower) and start the fire.

The silicone hose on the outlet of the copper pipe (coil) has to be as short as possible, so you need no one way valve.


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-29

Nice heater design. Did you do anything special when coiling the pipe to keep it from kinking?

I have seen other authors who fill the tubing with water, freeze it, and then shape it around a cylinder. The ice in the line allows the copper tubing to be flexible enough to shape but not so flexible that it kinks.

andresn (author)2016-10-18

How does the water continuously circulate through the system without any pump attachment? By convection?

gearskin (author)andresn2017-01-25

Correct, this is called a thermosiphon.

anton610 (author)2016-10-19


the steam in the coil presses the hot water throu the outlet silicone hose in the canister. When the outlet hose is short, you need no pump or something else.

anton610 (author)2016-06-29


no. i only coiled not so small radius.

The pipe is 10mm outer diameter and 1mm wall thicknes.

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