Picture of Ed Edd 'n' Eddy: Eddy's MAP TO SPOOK-E-VILLE!
I just watched the ed edd n eddy halloween special a few days ago and in the episode eddy has this map that his brother gave to him. The map shows a path that goes to a place called spook-e-ville! Well I thought that it would be an easy enough instructable to do. You should be able to finish this with an hour.
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Step 1: What You'll Need!

Picture of What You'll Need!
You will need the following:

Step 2: Get the Title up There!

Picture of Get the Title up There!
Write the title "MAP TO SPOOK-E-VILLE" right up on the top. Alternate the colors Blue and maroon for each letter. I wanted mine to look really cartoony so I cut a ton of nicks and cuts around the perimeter of the paper.

Step 3: PATH TIME!

Picture of PATH TIME!
Draw out the basic path in red dotted lines and put in the checkpoints like "dented stop sign" or "abandoned hearse" and of course "spook-e-ville". At the end of the path draw a big red "X".

Step 4: Doodles!

Picture of doodles!
Now draw a bunch of fun freaky doodles! I drew things like a ghost and cobwebs and jack-o-lanterns! Be sure to use different colors. Also, write stuff like "Kankers are nearby" and "go 50 paces south" and fun stuff like that.

Step 5: DONE!

Picture of DONE!
Now you're done with the whole map! Enjoy! Try comparing the map I made to the one in the show. Comment and tell me what you think!
bsg682 years ago
That's just plain old weird
bsg68, mind your own business.
_Jazmin_2 years ago
It came out really nice :)
HPandLOTR (author)  _Jazmin_2 years ago