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Introduction: Eden Project Collection Box

About: I have been making a full time living from automata for the past 25 years. Before that I spent 10 years as a motorcycle despatch rider. I prefer making automata, it's warmer.
I compleated this commission three month ago. When a donation is made, the automata is triggered by the coin slot and runs foor about 20 seconds



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    This is an ingenious kinetic sculpture. Congrats!

    Please publish steps, patterns, diagrams, or maybe hand-drawings so that others can reproduce the project. Then I would add it to my "Got Wood? - Make Wooden Gadgets" collection.

    Just awesome! Nice Job

    awsome. i think i might have a try.

    Amazing work (sombody feature this!)

    We need an instructable for this :) Seriously!

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    I aggree. Its amazing! Should defo be featured! :D

    Thank you very much Michell. This is my first time on indestrucables and I will be posting more in the near future. It's a brilliant site.

    Yes please do, I'm always interested in these kinds of things and it looks rather complicated but I'm sure that you can explain it easily :)

    Perhapse I sould put a realy simple mec on?

    You put a tremendous amount of work into this. And, you did it very well with a lot of artistry and precision. We need more things like this at Instructables. Too many things seen here are about slimy, creepy things made from duct tape and tissue paper. Thank you very much. Let me also say a lot of us did projects years ago that we now want to publish as Instructables. Naturally, we cannot show the project as steps in process without building an exact duplicate. You can easily use close-up photos of components and make drawings with a good graphics program to show things that cannot be shown as steps in the original process as if building it while documenting it.

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    Thanks Phil
    I used to keep a progress blog on my facebook group,then I moved it to my web site so I have a good photographic record of all of my work.