Edible Cucumber Cups for Cocktails





Introduction: Edible Cucumber Cups for Cocktails

I've been wanting to try this edible cucumber cup project for a long time.  Super easy to make as it turns out, these are a great way to delight guests at your next party or event. 

What you'll need:

2-3 English cucumbers
chopping knife
small circle cookie cutters
small pumpkin carving knife or thin paring knife
1/4 tsp & 1/2 tsp (scoop style) measuring spoons


Step 1: Cut 'em

I wanted to use the whole cucumber and ended up with three shapes/sizes to work with. 

1. Wash your cucumbers.
2. Cut them into sections according to the diagram. *IMPORTANT: try and cut at a 90 degree angle to the edge, so the cups will sit flat on (AKA perpendicular to) the table.

You should end up with approximately two of each style cup per cuke.

Step 2: Score 'em

Use small circle cookie cutters to put centered circle impressions on the what will be the tops of your sections.  You'll use these as guides when you cut out the cup cavities. Try to pick a cutter size that leaves at least 1/8" to 3/16" cucumber 'flesh' around the edge for a substantial enough wall thickness.

Step 3: Cut 'em

Use your tiny pumpkin carving knife or paring knife to cut into the cucumber segments following the circle guides, being careful not to go all the way through! Try to leave a bottom (floor) of at least 1/4".

Step 4: Scoop 'em

Use the appropriate size measuring spoons to scoop out the flesh. Again, being careful to leave a 1/4" bottom!

Update: I've added an image of a cup cut in half so you can see the bottom and approximately how thick they need to be.
This is for reference only. DO NOT CUT YOUR CUPS IN HALF.

Tip: You can use the scooped out bits in a salad!

Once you've finished scooping out all your cups, place them on the tray that you'll be serving the drinks on.  The cups will not leak, but the cucumbers will be moist on the bottom due to their high water content, so be sure to use a tray that can handle that. 

Nice work! Now they're ready to fill with your favorite cold shots or cocktails!

Step 5: Cocktail Recipes to Go With Cups!

For the Mount Fuki Sake Cups, click here.
For the Applejack recipe, click here.
For the Cucumber Mint Cooler recipe, click here.



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    i will try this as soon as i got a potato in hand haha

    it was an idea for st-patrick day

    Those are great! I love that you even separate the cucumber into types of cups :)

    I would like to try these to hold small candles (votive) and punch out designs on the sides or just holes to let the light shine thru...potatoe idea sounds interesting too, maybe sweet potatoes since they are usually quite large.

    That's a great idea blackweb! If you try it, send me a link!

    These are much better than those shot glasses made out of ice (that you can get molds for). They melt too fast when the alcohol is in it. This is a MUCH better idea, and would probably make the drink taste good too.

    Thanks realife11! They do in fact make the drink taste reeeally good. : )

    Wicked idea. Got to try this to spice up getting wandered at crimbo. 1 alteration might be pushing the cake cutter things further in to define the sides then just scoop out til you get to bottom. I reckon these would be cool as a cucumber (sorry... someone had to say it) when frozen.

    I went back and tried your suggestion with the cutter phsycophonic (cause it was a good one), but the thickness of my plastic cutter split the cucumber side. If you're going to try that, I'd suggest using only the thin metal cutters.