Edible Flower Cakes in Mason Jars

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I've always been a fan of mason jars and they are trendier now than ever. These Edible Flower Cakes are perfect for Mother's day and any sentimental special occasion. Are you a part of a gardening club? Bring a batch of these to your next club meeting. 

These decadent chocolate cakes have been baked in pint size mason jars and covered with edible Oreo soil. Fresh cut flowers complete the illusion, making them look exactly like miniature plants growing in mason jars. These are a lovely to look at as to eat. Yum!  

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Step 1: Ingredients and Prep

Picture of Ingredients and Prep
Makes approx: 5 Flower Cakes


1 box Devil's Food Cake

1 container Chocolate Frosting

20 Oreo's 




Cooking Spray

Kitchen Gadgets & Tools:

5 One Pint Canning Jars


Food Processor

Kitchen Aid



Small Saucers


Fresh Flowers

Step 2: Prepare Cake Mix

Picture of Prepare Cake Mix
Prepare cake mix according to package instructions.

Step 3: Bake the Cakes

Picture of Bake the Cakes
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Fill each mason jar with cake mix up the the 1 cup mark. Place mason jars in a deep baking dish. I used small loaf pans. Fill the pan with water until it reaches halfway up the sides of the mason jars. Place the pan in the oven. Bake 20-25 minutes or until inserted toothpick comes out clean.  

**Baking times may very due to which cake mix you use**

Remove the mason jars from the pan and set aside to cool. If you don't remove them from the pan with the water, they will continue to cook and the cakes with turn out really dry. 

Step 4: Make Edible Soil

Picture of Make Edible Soil
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While your cakes are cooling, make the edible soil. 

Place 20 oreo's in a food processor and combine them until the cookies are corse and resemble soil. 
moon flower made it!1 year ago

Great mother's day idea!!!!!!!!!

adrofig2 years ago
No temperatures?
lmnopeas (author)  adrofig2 years ago
Cooking temps will vary depending on which cake mix you use. Just follow the temp. on the box and be sure to check the cakes every so often so they don't burn.
sabu.dawdy2 years ago
lynzeemd2 years ago
Love it!
poofrabbit3 years ago
Hey congrats on your win in Scoochmaroo Challenge for Mother's Day!!
This is sooo adorable! Definitely a must try :)
lmnopeas (author)  TheNailDutchess3 years ago
Thank you! :)
mrclueless3 years ago
Thats pretty much the only way I have ever had nopales. I get this meat rub called Pappy's and sprinkle it on. Getting hungry thinking about it. Where I live you can find cactus around very easily. I have never bought any, just pick it fresh. I usually cook it the same heat and time as chicken. Its great sliced up with bbq'd jalepenos in chicken tacos.
So beautiful and delicious!
lmnopeas (author)  Penolopy Bulnick3 years ago
Thanks Penolopy!
mrclueless3 years ago
Hey those look awesome. Gonna try this. Maybe even a yellow cake and a couple cactus leaves for a desert looking dessert. Then can throw the cactus right onto the grill for bbq nopales. We really enjoy the ideas you come up with, keep up the good work. : )
lmnopeas (author)  mrclueless3 years ago
I love nopales! I've never had them barbecued before. Sounds delicious!