Step 4: Rolling the Dough and Cutting Out Shapes

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F and put parchment paper on  2 large cookie sheets. As the pieces are really big for this, you will need large cookie sheets.

Roll it out and cut:
Sprinkle a bit of flour on to your dough rolling surface, find two pieces of anything that can be your thickness gauge on your gingerbread. ( I used some leftover foam core) Stick them on either side of your roller, so that you don’t get any thinner than that thickness with your roller, a nice even surface pays off in the end.  Split your dough up and start rolling it out.  I used all of my template foam core pieces from the model to create your gingerbread shapes. I used a very sharp paring knife cutting carefully around the foam core to create the shapes some of them were extremely delicate and took a lot of patience to cut out. The gears I was especially careful with when cutting out.

Add Wood Carving Detail:
This is also where I added in some detail on the gingerbread as I was trying to make a lot of this clock look like it had been carved wood.  I used both a dull and sharp knife to cut out bits and push in details.  I used a ruler on a diagonal on the main house pieces to create the grid pattern.  

very cool idea. I would try using real guts of a real cuckoo clock (generic are fairly inexpensive) and finding a creative way to superimpose gingerbread over the working parts. I mean, you could install a small battery-powered motor to turn gb gears, even if the gears aren't truely powering the clock. This is all under the assumption that the goal is to have a working cuckoo clock made of gingerbread? Or more of a gingerbread replica of a cuckoo clock?
I love this idea. You have inspired me to make a gingerbread sculpture/house this year!
Another masterpiece! <br>
Hi there, I could have sworn your entry was in the cookie contest but it's not. I was going to vote for it, but was only able to vote for the Harry Potter entry you have. This is such an intricate work I'd think you'd have it in the contest!
I guess, I thought one entry was enough, plus they are both gingerbread houses, so the &quot;cookie&quot; part of it wasn't that different, the application of it was but I guess I just thought one gingerbread construction by me was enough! However I am flattered you were going to vote for me! I hope you have a great day and I appreciate the compliment!
Amazing and creative! A true labor of love!
That's great because I don't like sweet ginger either! Thank you again. Loved your rhino!!!<br>
Beautiful Mez! You are an artist! Please keep on creating and sharing! I have a question: no ginger in the gingerbread recipe?
Yep! I could have called it cinnamon bread but it doesn't sound right, but the truth is, I don't really like sweet ginger, it was still spicy, but it didn't have the ginger flavour just Nutmeg and Cinnamon. It's still super tasty and I LOVE cinnamon, and I like ginger in savoury dishes just not in sweets. I know it's kind of blasphemous to not include ginger in &quot;gingerbread&quot; but People recognize this as a &quot;gingerbread&quot; construction, I thought it would be weird to call it a Cinnamon Bread house...
You are so amazingly talented. I love all the detail on this clock and am stunned that it actually has gears. So cool!
Prop makers have to be the ultimate in maker magicians. What a cool job! Clearly you are qualified for it too. Very awesome.
Thanks! Calling me an &quot;ultimate maker magician&quot; is just about the best compliment ever. Propmaking is pretty neat, it's also a super weird job. Every day I am asked to do something different. One day I am fibreglassing 20 suits of armour and the next I am filling a severed head with different things to see if it makes the right thud sound when they throw it to the ground. It can get bizarre.
Dream job =&gt; you haz it!
You're doing a wonderful job!<br><br>5 stars for yet another impressive Ible!!!
Whoa. <br>Well, I'm new too, but I find your instructables pretty informative and your enthusiasm infectious, so you must be doing something right.
This is great. I love that you showed what went wrong - learning from mistakes yay! :D
Just amazing! Another one of a kind, stupendous gingerbread creation! I appreciate the gears even if they aren't visible!

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