Edible Gingerbread Cuckoo Clock with Internal gears


Step 7: Assemble!

Picture of Assemble!
Main Clock Shell:
I put the front section and walls together and gave this a full day of drying time to harden. I used Cans to help prop up the sides while it was drying.

Gear Unit:
I began by painting the details into the backing of the gear section. Then I propped that up an inch off of the back of the clock.
I spent a good deal of time "cleaning up" the edges of the gears with an exacto blade attempting to give them smooth surfaces in which to turn well. I then added wax paper "washers" as I was worried that icing might stick ( this was not an unfounded worry), and that the gingerbread might rub weirdly on all other gingerbread.  My initial test before icing of the gears worked well. It turned and it had promise.  I then assembled the whole gear section together with icing and crossed my fingers that it would not stick together.

Main Clock Shell Roof:
After the walls had dried for some time I added the roof sections so that it too could dry overnight.