This fun and easy technique will only take you about 30 seconds to melt the isomalt sticks. Pour it into any mold and you will have  beautiful , edible glasslike pieces to top on cupcakes, cakes , or even make your own sculpure. You can use the melted glass to "glue" the pieces together. You can even buy the silicone and cut it to shape letters for wedding cake toppers and more.

Important info and tips:

*Warning:  If the hot liquid touches tour skin it will stick and burn
*Wear specialty gloves
*Wear long sleave shirt
*Do not do this in a hurry take your time and be safe
*Do not do around small children or dogs
*Any unused product cand be remelted
*I like to pour unused melted product into the jewels mold, it is a perfect size to store to reuse later
*Glass will get cloudy if exposed to humidty
*Store in a airtight container(also cake play sells special silica gel packet to keep the looking great)
*If you finished pieces are a little cloudy, just lightly skim the piece with a creme brulee torch and it will be shiny and beautiful
* At cakeplay.com they have very helpful videos

Step 1: You will need

Picture of You will need
isomalt 2 027.jpg
isomalt 2 028.jpg
* Isomalt sticks   (You can find them at your local cake supply store or at cakeplay.com) You can buy the colors you want or just buy clear or white and dye it yourself as needed for the particular project that you are working on.

* 2 pack gloves from cakeplay (very important to protect your skin from burns)

* Microwave safe dish (preferably with a handle )

* Any silicone mold - ice cube tray, cupcake or cake shaped pan or you can make your own.  (make your own molds.com)

* Specialty plastic molds like the on shown for edible gems

* Toothpicks

*Silicone mat to protect your work surface

* Food gel color (optional)
* Luster dust (optional)
XMalice2 years ago
Isomalt is a sugar alcohol that can cause gastric problems if you have too much. That doesn't concern me in itself, but I wonder if one of these is enough to trigger those problems. If not, I totally wanna make these.
*reads article* 0_0 *runs to the grocery store*
twighahn2 years ago
im gonna use sugar and maybe figure out how to melt stevia
danlynne07 (author)  twighahn2 years ago
Cool, let me know if it works for you. they have isomalt in powder form also but it is not as quick or convenient as the sticks that i use.
themoose642 years ago
The detail really comes out when you make the molds with the edible glass. They looks so cool!
danlynne07 (author)  themoose642 years ago
I agree with you too.thank you.
sunshiine2 years ago
I have to try this! Thanks for sharing.
danlynne07 (author)  sunshiine2 years ago
you are welcome.
Yar that be the best of pirate loot!
danlynne07 (author)  Kitana Kellaway2 years ago
Lol. thanks.
No problem =)
ecsaul232 years ago
danlynne07 (author)  ecsaul232 years ago
: )
doodlecraft2 years ago
I love this! Gorgeous! I posted something on my blog that might be of use to you!  Make your own silicone molds!  :)
I must try this magic isomalt stuff!
danlynne07 (author)  doodlecraft2 years ago
Thank you. I will check out your blog.