Introduction: Edible Pumpkin Patch

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This is a fun, little idea I came up with and I thought was great for halloween decoration and treats. They are made of a chocolate stems and starbursts.

You will need,

Red starburst

Yellow starburst

Orange starburst

Little chocolate chunks


Access to a microwave

Step 1: Melt and Mash

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Put the starbursts on a microwave safe plate and heat them doing two intervals, five seconds on high(at least that's what worked for me). After that they should be easy to pull and mash. When you have blended them to what you like, roll it into an oval and stick a chocolate chunk in the top.

Step 2: Detail

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Use your tooth-pick to make grooves all around the pumpkin and go over them again to make them nice and deep. Then gently shape them the way you like.

Step 3: Harden

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Next, make as many more as you like, then pop them in the freezer. In about five minutes they'll be hard and hold their shape.

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