Picture of Edible Rosebush
In a recent attempt to rekindle my passion for cooking, I bought The Fat Duck Cookbook, by Heston Blumenthal. Being so close to February and the dreaded Valentines day, one recipe caught my eye. The edible rosebush on page 307 seemed daunting at first due to the use of a few things I had never worked with before. However, after some research and a bit of play in the kitchen I realized it wasn't as big of a challenge as it seemed. It's actually a pretty simple recipe that revolves more around the principle of aroma stimulation. That being said, it's very important that you find fresh and organic ingredients.
     Prior to this recipe I had never worked with flower petals, but they're not difficult to work with as long as you keep them fresh. Always do your background check on where you're getting your flowers. It is possible to poison yourself due to chemicals that are sprayed on flowers to preserve them or pesticides. Some flowers also have false fragrance sprayed on, so please be careful. If using flowers from your own garden, make sure you haven't sprayed them with pesticides or fertilizer. Also make sure wash, dry, and inspect all flowers before cooking with them. This will ensure the quality of your piece. I found that larger roses that have thicker petals provide more flavor and are a better fit for this recipe.
     The base of this also uses spun sugar. Molten sugar is very dangerous and tedious to work with. Please make sure you've played with sugar before trying it in a specific recipe. It always pays to experiment with multiple parts of a recipe before bringing it together, so that you have an understanding of how the different parts work together. Please see my tutorial and recipe for sugar sculpture for the construction of the base.
     All that being said, I had a lot of fun with this recipe. I have edited pieces of it to suit how I thought it would better come together. The original recipe used a metal rosebush base for the petals, I wanted to gift the whole thing, and didn't have the resources available to use a metal rack. I also substituted a few of the ingredients with easier to find ingredients.

The ingredients are:

For the petals:
6 g coriander ground
50g egg white
25g rice flour
3 drops of rose water (Williams and Sonoma)
1 rose, (Whole Foods, ask to be sure it hasn't been treated)
55g dried raspberries, (Whole Foods dried foods section)
50g apple chips, ground into granules (Kroger)
Powdered sugar

For the spun sugar bush:
2 cups granulated sugar
½ cup corn syrup
½ cup water
     * I didn't include a picture of these ingredients because they're very basic.
It's so pretty! I think I'd feel bad eating it, ha!