Picture of Gummi Shot Glasses
It's always the same. . .you get drunk, you get hungry. Wouldn't it be great to have a shot glass you could snarf down as soon as it was empty?

Gummi shot glasses are shown here, but the same idea could be applied to chocolate with or without various jams as filling, or other candies (gummi-types are recommended). You can also use this mold/tray to make awesome chocolate cake shots.

Note: If you're underage and feel like getting drunk, don't - if you do, don't blame me.
Also Note: The mold used here is from thinkgeek.com - it's intended for making ice shot glasses which are awesome, but not as tasty as gummies.
And one more note: If your finished shot glasses are a little on the sticky side, try a (very) light dusting of corn starch, and make sure to keep them cool if you can. Both will help cut down on the stick-factor.

Step 1: You'll Need. . .

Picture of You'll Need. . .
  • 16 ounces gummi worms (or bears)
Well I've done several more attempts and here are my issues.

1. Glasses are very sticky
2. Glasses melt extremely quickly and turn into a mess/fall apart

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing wrong since you don't seem to have these issues.

My process: Cover mold with confectioners sugar. Melt the gummy bears for about 45 seconds in the microwave. Pour into mold. Freeze for about 2 hours. Remove glasses. I was really looking forward to making these for a few Thanksgiving parties but it's just not working.
shesparticular (author)  nightzero881 year ago
I'm sorry to hear they're not working out well for you, but since I didn't experience these issues I'm not sure what to suggest. I don't think it should matter, but the difference seems to be that I used gummi worms rather than bears (though I have also made them with bears). Hope you're able to find a solution!
Yeah, I just can't understand it. :(

Even 5 minutes after taking them out of the freezer and putting them in the fridge they still melt. I did notice my freezer is set to the warmest setting so maybe they weren't getting cold enough.

I'm still planning on making them and I guess I'll just tell people to eat them quick.
How do you clean up your bowls after you're done? I would suspect melted gummy bears in a garbage disposal would be bad.
shesparticular (author)  nightzero881 year ago
I just allowed the gummy to cool slightly, then peeled off and threw it in the trash.
Peeled what off sorry? I suppose I should have asked before trying as well. I used a mug and have a big pile of gummy there and I'm not sure what to do with it.
shesparticular (author)  nightzero881 year ago
You should be able to peel it off of the mug. Any residue that's left should rinse off with warm water.
Ah, I see. Thanks.

Few more things since you're around. I made one, left it in the freezer for about an an hour and a half. I dusted the inside of the mold with corn starch but it was still hard to get the glass out without crushing it. Additionally the glass was not hard and easy to misshape and finally it was very sticky. What are your recommendations?
shesparticular (author)  nightzero881 year ago
I'm afraid I didn't have too much trouble with sticking or mis-sharpen glasses, but you might try greasing the mold rather than dusting it with powdered sugar if it sticks very badly.
Did you make sure you put them in the freezer for 2 hours? I also used corn starch on the mold instead of sugar. What did you use?
shesparticular (author)  nightzero881 year ago
I had success with powdered sugar, corn starch, and also with oil.

Hope that helps!
It does, thanks so much. Last question I think, did you put corn starch/sugar/oil just on the mold or did you put them around the glasses themselves once you were done?
shesparticular (author)  nightzero881 year ago
I just put it on the mold, but dusting the glasses after unfolding can help cut down on stickiness.
I came up with one more thing to ask. I only have one of the molds currently (guess I need to invest in more!) but I have a 3 pound bag of gummy bears. Because they harden so quickly and because I can only make 4 at a time do you know roughly how many bears are needed to make 1 cup? It sounds like 16 oz makes 4 but that doesn't convert well into grams. Any thoughts? Thanks.
shesparticular (author)  nightzero881 year ago
I'm afraid I'm really not sure - sorry!
soulgraber2 years ago
nice i love it thanks for posting :)
Who's thinking about vat19?
I was...but at 12.99 for 6 glasses + S&H, I'd be broke!

On the other hand, by utiliizing your Instructable, my Fred mold & my gummies, I will create a vastly similar product at less than 1/4 of their cost!
O cool
brat444203 years ago
Has anyone made jello shot filled gummi shots? I ordered more molds from ebay and am going to start making a bunch of cups tonight for a luau this weekend..i was thinking of using pineapple flavored Life Saver gummies and making pina colada jello shots for one flavor, strawberry gummies and lemon drop jello shots, and apple gummies with buttershot jello shots for a twist on a Caramel Apple shot. I may even try making pudding shots in a gummy glass.
mzummallen3 years ago
Effen Vodka. If you don't like Effen Vodka, too Effen bad.
shesparticular (author)  mzummallen3 years ago
Great idea :D I'll try these for Halloween this year, to hold the "worms and dirt" I make. (Also, for parents after trick-or-treating is long over)
shesparticular (author)  garnishrecipes3 years ago
Hope you enjoy them!
rick62133 years ago
Vodka Imported from Holland!
lcuccia3 years ago
I need to make 100 Gummy Bear shot glasses for this saturday, how many bags of gummy bears do i need. My mold makes up to 10 at a time. Please someone let me know soon. Thanks
shesparticular (author)  lcuccia3 years ago
I'm afraid I can't give a figure for your mold, since the one I have makes only 4 at a time and I don't know if yours is different, but each 4 glasses in my mold required 16 oz of gummi worms. So, for 100 glasses that would be 400 oz (in my mold).
11kg of gummi worms? Mind is absolutely blown.
shesparticular (author)  steviesteveo3 years ago
Mine is as well, but for 100 glasses I suppose it doesn't seem so unreasonable.
OrIsIt4 years ago
What can i do to subsitite the mold? I was think of take diffrent plastic of paper cup and taping the for a mold? will this work? And will i melt from drinking tea with it
shesparticular (author)  OrIsIt4 years ago
I'm kind of a big fan of this mold since I've also been able to use it for baking, but if you don't have one or don't want to purchase one, I'd suggest one of the following:
  1. Filling a large container with corn starch and inverting a shot glass into it in several places (open side down). Then fill these spaces with the melted gummies.
  2. As you mentioned, placing a small plastic cup (lightly oiled) inside of a larger cup and taping the two together along the rim.
I'm not sure how tea would work since I haven't tried hot beverages. At least made with this mold though they're rather thick so I don't think it would be a huge problem.

Please let me know how it goes!
ppham4 years ago
hmm I tried making these recently. Finally got a batch that wasnt too sticky on finish but they seem to deform pretty quickly (5 minutes or so) if they're left in room temperature. Is this normal? would coating them in powdered sugar or corn starch make them more resistant to deforming in room temp? Or perhaps i should add corn starch to thicken it during the melting stage? any help would be appreciated.
shesparticular (author)  ppham4 years ago
I'm afraid I haven't had a problem with them changing shape at room temperature, and to be honest I'm not sure if adding corn starch to the gummi mixture would help or not. It could affect the taste some, and corn starch thickens when heated (to boiling is ideal). You might try just cooking the gummi mixture a couple of seconds past melting and see if that helps. Please let me know how it goes and good luck!
Hey, is it possible if you could list the brand and ingredients of the gummi bears on the packaging you used? The difference in ingredients between different brands of gummi bear may be why there are differences in results. I'll give the extra seconds of cooking a shot and see how it goes.
Thanks for all your help!
shesparticular (author)  ppham4 years ago
They were Walgreen's brand, but I've also used Black Forest brand gummi worms. Both list the following:

Ingredients - Corn Syrup, Sucrose, Gelatin, Citric Acid, Apple Juice Concentrate, Sodium Citrate, Natural and Artificial Flavor, Coconut Oil, Carnauba Wax, Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1

Hope that helps!
mrsmonkey4 years ago
Ok so I tried this yesterday and unforunately it didn't come out like yours was pictured. Here's what I did. I split up the gummy bears by colors and while I was doing that I had boiled water using my double boiler because I don't have a microwave. As each color was melting I had dusted the mold lightly with corn starch to prevent from sticking to the mold. After I had placed all the melted gummy bears in the mold I had placed them in the freezer. I went back to the freezer about 2 hours later and tried to pull them out so I can make more and it would not pry off the mold for anything. By the time I got the gummy off the mold it no longer looked like a shot glass or held itself up. Any ideas as to what went wrong or what I can do to make it work? I need about 40 of them by Sunday night, so I really need to start them asap!! PLEASE HELP!
I was also thinking to maybe spray the mold with pam before pouring in the gummy bears, but idk... PLEASE HELP!!
shesparticular (author)  mrsmonkey4 years ago
I'm afraid I'm really not sure what the issue might have been since I haven't had this problem. I'd suggest trying some cooking spray on the mold and seeing if that helps. Also, did you melt the gummies fully (so that they were liquid, not just softened)?

Just as a note, I had to totally invert the mold (as pictured in the picture in step 3) in order to unmold them (they don't just slip out). If you pull on them as gently as possible with the mold inverted you should be able to get them unmolded without any major issues.
I melted them down completly to a point where it was a liquid ( although they get really gummy and sticky very quickly )
I inverted mine also, the outside of the shot glass was perfectly fine, the only issue I had was the inside of the mold itself ( like where the alcohol would go normally ).
I will try this again tonight with cooking spray. I really hope this works. I was soooo excited about this...
Also, any other ideas as far as what I can melt and put into the mold to use?
shesparticular (author)  mrsmonkey4 years ago
Also, just as a note, after inverting the mold, it works best if you push the center portion of the mold inwards instead of trying to pull the gummi off of it - hopefully that'll help!
shesparticular (author)  mrsmonkey4 years ago
Hopefully spraying the mold will help. As for other things to try, I'd suggest chocolate which makes for an awesome and yummy presentation, and should unmold much more easily.
craig35 years ago
I have a quick question, I just tried this using an ice tray made to look like guitars but when i take them out, they are quick sticky and shine, where as your shotglases look quite matt finish and not sticky. Did you cover it in something or is that just the way it came out?
shesparticular (author)  craig35 years ago
As noted in the previous comments, dusting them with corn starch or powdered sugar can help to cut down on the stickiness. Hope that helps!
the_kender5 years ago
but if you are doing it with cornstarch instead of a mold, how does the cornstarch keep it's shape when you pour the melted gummies into it?
shesparticular (author)  the_kender5 years ago
If I was going to create molds using corn starch, I'd probably do something like this - using a deep container of starch and inverting a shot glass into it to create an impression similar to the silicone mold used here. Cornstarch can be used for this type of molding and works really well, it's done this way in industrial candy making as well.
Tried this today everything seems to have gone well but the bottom of the shot glasses are a little juicy, i put them back in the freezer and i guess ill see what happens in a few hours. It might have been the rum not wanting to freeze all the way but who knows. Any way thanks ive been trying to do this with jello since i got the molds and have not been able to make it work
shesparticular (author)  defenceman1015 years ago
Not exactly sure I know what you mean. . .Adding alcohol to the gummies once they're melted will probably lead to them not setting up at all or not well.
Le Kayk5 years ago
Would using gummies with a sugar coating mess up the process at all?
shesparticular (author)  Le Kayk5 years ago
I really don't know, since I've not tried this, but I would probably stick to plain gummies and apply sugar after unmolding. Thanks for the question!
ikeike405 years ago
AlexLPD5 years ago
Incredible, this is the best drunk instructable I have seen so far... I will make this soon....
lemonie5 years ago
They're selling these now...

ceafin lemonie5 years ago
Just a little consumer report here about Vat19.com:

Vat19 has consistently sent me things that were completely globbed or broken, and they do nothing to support the customer in terms of their products' quality being poor. While I would hope this isn't how they treat everybody, it is my personal report.

Besides, why buy it when you can make it yourself! :)

love it

terribug5 years ago

These would also be great to put ice cream or candy in, at kids' parties.  my kids would love them!

paulhogan6 years ago
I love this! What a great idea! Now if I could only find a drink worthy of these sweet shot glasses...
Skittles Vodka would go well.
This makes me want to do the Skittles Vodka EVEN more...http://mixthatdrink.com/skittles-vodka-tutorial/
shesparticular (author)  theojones6 years ago
Personally, I like lemon drops so I plan to give Lemon Head vodka a try soon (also need to find a source for just yellow gummies)
I would try the albanese candy co, they have the BEST gourmet flavors (like 15) and you can buy individual colors. I did a kahlua chocolate shot out of a banana gummy shot glass... it was amazin!  I also love midori and vodka in the pineapple gummi shot glass...
try golden gummi bears. Worked for me!
shesparticular (author)  thedragonmaster6 years ago
The toughest part is finding just yellow gummies that aren't gelatin-based (yeah, I'm one of those "crunchy veggie chicks"). I saw some at Whole Foods a while ago, but it's probably easier to just make them.
I really want to buy this for Christmas!!! I'm going to buy mine from http://www.thinkgeek.com/homeoffice/kitchen/986a/
Very similar price, but no expensive shipping:

frollard5 years ago
May I recommend another source for the mold:


yes its $8.10 compared to thinkgeek.com - but this has free shipping and thinkgeek has HUGE courier/handling charges.
lucek5 years ago
gummie is easy to make.
crunchdime6 years ago
good idea..im gonna melt sour soothers, and shoot Jacks/and soupuss mix...tangy...
Great idea to roll with! Perhaps a sour gummi would work well with southern comfort. (Since some people do the soco-and-lime shots) I happened to get that shotglass mold as a gift, and only used it once... since holding ice isn't that great and then makes a mess... great idea from the original poster!!
shesparticular (author)  Fnappy6 years ago
Thanks so much for your comments!

I'm not sure that melting sour patch kids (or other sour candies) would work as well as the plain, since I don't know what the coating would do. To make the glasses sour, I'd probably make them without dusting the mold with powdered sugar or anything (maybe grease it lightly), and then coat gummi glasses with sour sanding after unmolding them. To make sour sanding, you could probably mix a lemon juice a few drops at a time with sugar, or try mixing sugar with a crystallized lemon or lime product (the crystallized lemon would probably work best).
There is a product called True Lemon which is dehydrated lemon. This would be great to add the "sour" component. They also have True Lime and True Orange. Google it.
shesparticular (author)  karminak5 years ago
Thanks for the suggestion! I had exactly the same thought (love True Lemon!)
You can also get small quantities of dry citric acid from cheesemaking suppliers.
Sorry to post so late, but these are too cool to pass by without commenting. Great idea, and I bet your Washington Apple shot goes very well with these.
Thanks so much! Please be sure to vote on the Washington Apple, Chocolate Cake, and Guiness-Jameson-Bailey's Cupcakes in the next couple days!
You betcha. The cupcakes look especially amazing. Have you considered renaming them Celtic Catastrophic Automotive Failure Cupcakes? ;-)
Thanks! I guess that could work too :) 
Flippin' Genius!
yes i agree FLIPPIN GENIUS! 
shesparticular (author)  jobergy5 years ago
Thanks guys! Make sure to also check out this shot and this one too - both are amazing!
Ryyx5 years ago
I've wanted to try this with Jolly Ranchers...
jobergy Ryyx5 years ago
sounds like a good idea...except it would get sticky after a couple shots 
bdunni885 years ago
 Jello-shots in gummi-shot glasses.......YESSS!!!!
sergiuung5 years ago
Nice instructable, one question thought. If you heat gummyes in a microwave won't it smell bad?
shesparticular (author)  sergiuung5 years ago
Thanks! They're heated really quickly and only enough to melt them - I didn't notice any bad smell at all, I thought it just smelled like fruit candy.
Thanks for the fast answer, I'll definitely make some
my husband made these and had a blast at the next party he had. everybody loved them!!!
shesparticular (author)  thedestroyer5 years ago
So glad to hear they turned out well and you enjoyed them!
"Give me some of that EFFEN Vodka," shouted the drunk.
im thinking make it from a lemon gummi, dip the top in water, shake, dip in sugar and add vodka. lemon drops with hopefully less of a mess? :D
skaterboi6 years ago
indeed, my thoughts exactly
D.L.H.6 years ago
Good for drinks and edible i...love it!!
amakerguy6 years ago
This is cool!!! Even though I cannot drink... I would like to make them!!
noname4206 years ago
Random idea, i was looking at vodka gummy bears and i liked the idea so much i went out and im actually trying that in my fridge right now, and than i saw this and i see you melted gummy bears and put them into a shot glass and put alcohol in it, and my gears turned a little and i thought of this could you melt down the vodka gummy bears and put them into the gummy shots, when you eat the gummy shot you get even more drunk? or do you think the alcohol would evaporate?
shesparticular (author)  noname4206 years ago
I'm afraid I'm really not sure what you mean (not sure what "vodka gummy bears" are). . .if you're asking about adding vodka to the gummies before or after melting them when forming the glasses though, no, I don't think it would turn out well since it would change the gummi mixture and might not set up well. Also, personally, I'd use these for Jello shots, not just shots of booze - which may or may not be what you are asking about.

this is what i ment but i was a little to drunk to think my logic through, the gummys would come out hella sticky but thank you for commenting me back
dfwmonkie6 years ago
awesome !
I can't wait to try this with Jell-O!
N1CK4ND06 years ago
Vodka would be best in a gummy glass.
Vixen83876 years ago
dont think scotch would go too well in gummi shots do ya? not a fan of vodka *blargs*
or also tequila
You don't shoot scotch, you sip it. If you want to do shots, use something like Jack. It's trash and not meant to be enjoyed like scotch is.
bassmonkey6 years ago
GEEK16 years ago
how many cups can you make with 16 ounces of gummys?
shesparticular (author)  GEEK16 years ago
I used four bags of gummies (four ounces each) and it made four glasses - so enough to fill the mold once.
oh thanks!!!
UFT6 years ago
i wonder if you could flavor the gummi shot glasses with the drink flavor that you pour in them. Like after they are frozen pour vodka over the gummie glasses and let the vodka soak into the gelatin. then have a nice frozen gummi glass to pour the vodka in and it when it thaws taste the vodka in the gummi gelatin as it melts slowly in your mouth as your mouth heats it. just a thought :)
daniel!6 years ago
you should try making these with sour gummi worms, that would make for an interesting after taste in your vodka... haha "honey, why is my vodka so sour?"
dolabil666 years ago
HA !! THAT IS AWESOME !!!!!! I will have to make some of those for my next cook out.........Just think , you can classify this as a green project , no waste
What an awesome idea! I would have never thought to melt down gummy worms!
objection!6 years ago
*Drools* Good instructable. But I don't see how the 'worms' (or gummies, or whatever), make a solid colour, since they are evidently 2 toned, judging by the picture. This is probably extremely stupid, but... OBJECTION!
shesparticular (author)  objection!6 years ago
Thanks. . .no such thing as a stupid question. Basically they melt and mix together. Also, to prevent a gross brown color I separated the green/yellow from the red/orange.
umm what would be really cool would be like a gummy bong oh if only i had you peoples resources when it was all back in the day when i was irresponsibly young and cool sigh if only if only
how does this hold itself up/not leak??
They're basically just like other shot glasses, and are thick and strong enough to hold their shape, especially when kept cool. I hope that answers your question.
jgrant76 years ago
I did exactly what this guy said and the results were shot glasses that were way sticky and also most of them collapsed in the freezer. I used gummie bears, maybe it is better with gummie worms, i don't know. Try it for yourself.
shesparticular (author)  jgrant76 years ago
I'm actually a chick, not a guy. . .but either way, I'm sorry to hear that they didn't work out for you. I haven't had any issues other than a little bit of sticking sometimes. I guess it might depend on the brand, or maybe if somehow some water got introduced into the gummi it might change the outcome. I've had four of them in my freezer for over a month and none of them has collapsed at all - really not sure what would be causing that.
codongolev6 years ago
more like NUMMY worms.....
abadfart6 years ago
very nice this would go well with skittle vodka
Rustar6 years ago
I just like the idea of edible glasses. You don't even have to worry about washing them.
Yum yum Hmm wonder if u could mix with vodka and FIll with vodka and Get drunk off the Contents and then get even more drunk off the bottle lol
kittycat1236 years ago
thepelton6 years ago
I think these would be well used with some sweet type of alcohol in them, like Brandy, Kahluah, Schnapps, Creme de Menthe. You could be three sheets to the wind before you knew it!
LemonLily6 years ago
Whats lubed?
shesparticular (author)  LemonLily6 years ago
Lubicated or greased up with oil to make them not stick.
Someone mentioned confectioner's sugar. Why not dust them with that just like you dust a breadboard with flour?
shesparticular (author)  thepelton6 years ago
I usually dust the mold very lightly with corn starch, but powdered sugar works just as well (and usually contains corn starch to keep it from caking).
ajt22716 years ago
It doesn't seem like this is really a "hack" per se, Good Idea, but not really a technological improvement of the device.
phalanx4476 years ago
Thanks for posting this! It went over real well with my room mates. We made about 20 and took them to a party. Confectioner's sugar also works for coating the glasses to ward off the sticky.
shesparticular (author)  phalanx4476 years ago
Thanks! Glad to hear ya'll enjoyed them!
idogis16 years ago
I wouldn't get the mold on thinkgeed. Search google shopping for an ice shot glass mold and you can find the same thing for about half the price.
Why wouldn't you get it from thinkgeek?
Saves a little bit of money getting it somewhere else.
Derin idogis16 years ago
But this is the ThinkGeek hacks contest -_-
Evil Bike Derin6 years ago
think geek is amazing...
Coati6 years ago
I feel sick just thinking about this,I sure wish I had one of those molds in high school though.
ATL946 years ago
Thats really cool. is there any other way to make it without the molds though?
shesparticular (author)  ATL946 years ago
I haven't tried it with shot glasses, but I would assume that as with making other gummi shapes you could use cornstarch as a mold. If I have time soon I'll try to make an 'ible about it, but basically you'd need a large container of cornstarch, into which you'd press a shot glass open side down (basically creating the same shape as the mold). You'd then pour the melted gummies into this. Personally I prefer the silicone mold though since it can be used for materials other than gummies as well, and it's reusable and easy to clean.
MrTim426 years ago
I recently bought this exact mold and love it, however whenever I make a shotglass (regular water) it always comes out with a lump on one side. Does anyone else have this problem or no how to fix it? It looks like a great big piece of cancer.
shesparticular (author)  MrTim426 years ago
Hmm, I haven't had this problem - side like the actual side or like the bottom? Is something bumping the mold? The only issue I had was one time when something got pressed against the mold and squished into one of them. If it's on the bottom of the glasses, I'd probably fill them a tiny bit less (but make sure that they're filled enough to have solid bases).
It's just a little bump on the inside of the glass, where the liquid goes. Although sometimes it's on the outside of the glass. The mold is perfectly level and isn't touching anything so I don't know what's causing it.
craig3 MrTim426 years ago
you might be filling it up to much, try and fill it with a little less water togiv it space to expand when it freezes
shesparticular (author)  MrTim426 years ago
I'm really not sure what would be causing that either - sorry. If I had to guess (and assuming that it happens in a specific place or places each time), I'd say that it could be a weaker or thinner spot in the silicone of the mold, so that when the water freezes (and expands as it does so) it's able to push that part out a bit. It could also be something about the water you're using, though I'm not sure what would cause something like that. Have you tried filling them a bit less or tried filling them with other materials?
For some reason it doesn't happen when I use orange juice or water after a batch of orange juice. Very strange.
Make sure you gummi mix is well mixed, and not too over cooked from the microwave. I had the same problems until I got the mix right. Also try to pick up fresh candy, as I've found the ones that sit on the shelf too long the sugars don't mix well since it's very hard.
Wow. You know what, I think it would be great if someone made a Silicone shot glass, you know, so when your hammered, and you "accidentally" throw the shot glass at your friends, you miss, it wont break! And its reusable.
only issue with that is you would need to vacuum degas the silicone before pouring it into the mold as 2 part silicone tends to be quite thick and traps many bubbles.
Thats true. Still, I think silicone shot glasses, or maybe even silicone kid cups would be useful.
From the same website as the molds.
Haha, thats cool.
"Gummy Bear Sex" in gummy shot glasses... Gummy Bear Sex is a drink my friends made up (or just told me they did) of Strawberry Vodka + 7up(or any lemon lime soda)
Have you considered melting two colors at once to make two-tone gummies? I think it would carry over the spirit of the gummy worms very well!
shesparticular (author)  BorisTheSpider6 years ago
If you look at the very last photo, I actually did do one that's half green and half red. You do still need to melt them separately though, otherwise it will just mix. To make the duo-tone version, just pour from either side of the container at the same time - layers may also work, but I haven't tried it so I'm not sure if settling would be an issue or not.
What about pouring the first layer, letting it freeze and then pour the next layer and letting freeze?
Eggbertius6 years ago
I must now curse your name for making me spend more money there. I have lost track of how much money I've sent to thinkgeek now.
How does it make the indent or inner part of the cup (Where it holds the liquid), without it leveling?
shesparticular (author)  shadowsong136 years ago
I'm sorry, I'm not sure if I understand your question. Because of the shape of the mold, the shot glasses are basically formed upside down - there's a portion that pokes inward which forms the inner portion. Let me know if that helps, if not, I can try to take some more pictures of the mold to show better how it's shaped.
Thanks you basically answered by question.
lukeyj156 years ago
I didn't know you could melt gummi Would this work with marshmallow?
Like the others have said, you can't just melt marshmallows and pour them into a mold like with the gummy. You can, however go and find a nice recipe for making your own marshmallow and pour (spoon carefully) into the mold (dusted with confectioner's sugar to prevent sticking). The home-made marshmallow tends to be less "fluffy" and may actually be well-suited to this. Good luck!
Actually, the confectioner's sugar dusting would really only be needed once you remove from the mold. The sticking shouldn't be bad since it's silicone, but the fresh marshmallow will be sticky.
My experience with heating marshmallows (in a microwave) is 1) it looks cool! The air in the marshmallows expands and they turn in to a foaming liquid. 2) it shrinks as it cools. 3) it's extremely sticky. 4) when it gets back to room temperature, it's more of a stiff liquid than a solid. Put "scooter pies" in the microwave (on a plate!) for 20 sec. for an instant smore.
"Put "scooter pies" in the microwave (on a plate!) for 20 sec. for an instant s'more." Two words... Pure genius... Will attempt this afternoon...
shesparticular (author)  lukeyj156 years ago
As far as I know (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) that probably wouldn't work. I believe the marshmallow would end up cooking more than gummies do, and wouldn't go back to the same texture and consistency. What I'd really like to try is: 1. Filling the mold with melted chocolate and inverting to let some back out and create a chocolate shell; 2. Fill this shell with crushed graham crackers and/or softened marshmallow; 3. Top with melted chocolate to create a base. As soon as I get around to trying it (especially if it works) I'll make sure to post about it.
nannysarah6 years ago
A.C.E.6 years ago
it looks like you ripped apart the mold to get the gummies out.. it actually bends like that?? lol
shesparticular (author)  A.C.E.6 years ago
It's a silicone mold, so yes, in addition to withstanding heat and cold, it bends and stretches very well - that's why I prefer it to other molds that are made of plastic or other materials.
ok thanks for the info. i was thinking about getting these anyway, because they make ice shot glasses and jolly rancher too,(in the user submitted images) and now you have made a guide to make gummy glasses!!
cflowers6 years ago
Very nice instructable! I featured it on The Daily Hack. Keep up the great work! :-)

Charlie Flowers
shesparticular (author)  cflowers6 years ago
Wow, thanks! Who knew that a chick with a big bag of gummi worms and a shot glass mold would get so much attention :)
You had me at big bag of gummi worms...I love those things! :D
shesparticular (author)  cflowers6 years ago
I'm going to have to insist you try chocolate covered gummi bears then (http://sweetgourmet-com-llc.amazonwebstore.com/B000GCJ71A/M/B000GCJ71A.htm). . .they will change your life.
That sounds awesome! There's a chocolate bar here in Canada made by Nestle called a Big Turk, which is made of a Turkish delight gummi substance covered with chocolate. I'd imagine they are quite similar to those chocolate covered gummi bears: http://www.nestle.ca/en/products/brands/big_turk/index

Anyways, enough of my thread jacking! Great project. :-)
Ever since I first saw "Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" I wondered exactly what Turkish Delight was. Gummy Bears? OK!
Well, it's not exactly like gummi bears, it's a little stiffer than gummi bears more like Swedish Fish or Swedish Berries gummi candy. It's actually very good! :-)
Now you just gave me the idea to mold "Swedish Fish" shot-glasses...maybe drink with cinnamon schnapps? I would recommend heating the gummies as slowly as possible to prevent foaming though.... Oh my....Now I'm gonna be melting all kinds of gummies into all kinds of molds...I really shouldn't have seen this project lol...
You HAVE TO let us know if those Swedish Fish shot-glasses works out. :-)
shesparticular (author)  cflowers6 years ago
Turkish Delight is really delicious - a bit too sweet for me sometimes though.
tukmol6 years ago
shesparticular (author)  tukmol6 years ago
Thanks! And thanks so much to everyone for all the kind comments and awesome questions.
Josh_B6 years ago
Edible shot glasses?! I've seen it all now! This will certainly be the talk of the party. Thanks for the post. I found several different types of shot glass molds on the Bay. And even gummy worms, which I wouldn't have thought to get there
shesparticular (author)  Josh_B6 years ago
That's really great! I prefer this mold to others I've seen because it's silicone, so the sticking that does happen is cut down a lot from what it would be if the mold were plastic. Also, the gummy worms I used were just from Walgreens, and were a dollar per 4oz.
1up6 years ago
So you can just melt gummy worms/bears in the micro and pour them into any mold? Neat discovery.
This coupled with this could make a neat combination. I've already made one of those mini vacuum formers, quite neat. I should make lego brick gummies. :)
Don't dust 'em with corn starch. Yuck. Dust with powdered sugar instead. Works the same.
powdered sugar has a lot of cornstarch in it to keep it from clumping
shesparticular (author)  Quite.Cuntrary6 years ago
Thanks for the comments, everyone! And thanks, Quite - I never thought of that. I've only ever used starch since I've used it to mold other gummies before (you just press any object into the starch and then pour in the melted gummies - not sure if there's an 'ible about this yet, if not I'll try to do one soon).
Yeah, I like to make my own marshmallows and those suckers are sticky as hell! I have to dust them with powdered sugar. You'll see it works exactly the same. I can't wait to cast some gummies!
gonzolo6 years ago
Lube up your molds with some vegetable or olive oil before you put in the liquid gummi. It should make them come out much easier. We do this with plastic molds for both gummi and jello and sometimes they slide right out with no force.
Excellent suggestion! Thanks, Gonzolo!
shesparticular (author)  LadyCrymsyn6 years ago
Personally I'd go with corn starch or powdered sugar (as was suggested previously) since it can be dusted off and also helps to prevent stickiness after unmolding.
you can still add the cornstarch/sugar after the lubed mold just wait a little for the glasses to dry.
caliandris6 years ago
I love vodka jellies - you make those with the sort of jelly you use for kids parties, made up with vodka substituting for some of the liquid (and you need to cut the liquid over all.... These gummi glasses in pink filled with lime flavoured/coloured vodka jellies would be...amazing!
aglaranna6 years ago
Awesome idea!! I already have the ice mold, but never really thought about using it for other kinds of things!!
mbenner6 years ago
I got my ice shot glass molds at Bed, Bath and Beyond - not sure if they have this store in Canada.
Deathcapt6 years ago
Do you guys know of any stores that sell these molds? I live in Canada and the cost of shipping them across the border is more than they're worth. You think they'd have em @ walmart or something?
Stores like Home Outfitters, @Home and Mrs. Tiggywinkles (is that just an Ottawa thing? I'm not sure) should have them. Also, novelty shops (gag gifts, shot glasses, silly shirts) that sell stuff mostly aimed at the college crowd should have them too.
shesparticular (author)  Number096 years ago
I saw them at a few stores in Detroit and Ann Arbor when I was in college - not sure if you get across the border much though. There are other online retailers as well (not as good as Think Geek though for sure). They're made by a company called Fred if that helps.
OH my perfection. You can have your cake and eat it too. im so buying this mold and making edible shot glasses! thanks!! Oh and your throwzini knives are a goolgle search away.
shesparticular (author)  illdoyourdrugs6 years ago
Thanks! I've found them from a few places, but I prefer thinkgeek (and other sites I saw had them for at least $30 more)
Brilliant! Definitely itching to try this at the office. Thanks for the contest entry!
Wow, thanks! You guys have really amazing stuff (please please bring back the Throwzini knives, I never got a chance to order them).
paganwonder6 years ago
wupme- double boiler is the word you are looking for. Cheers!
wupme6 years ago
I wonder how much different colored gummies i can find. You know like everybody gets his favorite color. Somebody knows black gummies but no salmiak or Liquorice ? I think the heating should also work in a .. hm i don't know the english word for that. Those things where you got like a metal bowl, and place it in hot water to heat stuff like choclate so it cant burn... Hows that called in english? Because our microwave is broken, and we still look for one that fits in the place of the old one :(
shesparticular (author)  wupme6 years ago
I think if you used gelatin you'd be able to use different flavorings and colors - just a thought if you wanted to try different sorts. Also, it does get rather dark if you mix the red and the green, and if you added some food coloring (at least here they sell black coloring) you could make black I'm sure. I think you mean a double boiler (or a bain marie), and I think it would work really well. I only used the microwave because I didn't want to wait to melt them down. Also, thanks (and to the others as well) for subscribing to me - I feel so special :)
Black food color is not easy to find in Germany (well except for onlinestores.. but i don't pay 5€ shipping if i only need a 4€ item from that store...), usually you just find Blue, Yellow, Red and Green in the stores :( But i think your idea is good, if i mix those food colors, i will propably get a dark color. Like a big load of blue and red, should give me a really dark purple. Gonna try that out with some colored Icecubes i'm gonna make today :-) Double boiler, thats the word i was looking for, thanks :) Thats the reason they created the microwave, there are times when you just don't want to wait (or simple can't because you don't have enough time) But i'm usually one of those people who take theyr time with food preparing (still i need a new microwave)... We all subscribed because you make such good instructables about really interesting stuff :)
madhops06206 years ago
I'm surprised the gummy worms/bears whatever you use are still gummy after they cool. Either way it's a great idea and I'm gonna try it as soon as I can.
shesparticular (author)  madhops06206 years ago
Yep, they get the same texture after cooling, though it does take a little time. Thanks everyone for your comments, it's so nice to see such a positive reaction.
Dr.Bang6 years ago
I'm not old enough yet to have alchohal, but who said it had to be?I'll put like juice or something.
You can make the raw material for what I would imagine is far cheaper than buying gummi bears, even in bulk:


I'm sure you could experiment with the mixture to find an optimal consistency for shot glasses.

Because everyone here at Instructables loves doing things absolutely from scratch because we've all got the DIY bug _
Hey, why not fill it with fruit smoothie, that would be cool.
Ward_Nox6 years ago
if you serch gummi lego on here a guy figured out how to make gumi base from jello mix
jrehnke6 years ago
love it! you could make flavored ice shot glasses for your drop shot drinks. i've never actually had a drop shot - it looks too dangerous to me - I'm afraid I'd knock my teeth out. but an ice shot - maybe I'd try that.
gmjhowe6 years ago
Great idea! A simple mod to a great idea. If one were to make them using chocolate, they could then serve them with icecream inside. (great for those underage)
PKM gmjhowe6 years ago
Actually, that's not a bad idea... I wouldn't use solid chocolate, perhaps mixed with cornflakes or biscuit of some description (think crushed KitKat), filled with ice cream. (writes down on "do this in summer" list) As for gummi shots... does the gummi dissolve at all and flavour your shot? If you used strawberry gummi and filled it with plain vodka, do you get strawberry flavoured vodka out?
shesparticular (author)  PKM6 years ago
Thanks for the comments (and new ideas!)

If you let them sit a while, yes, it would - not a ton, but some. However, sitting too long could lead to the vodka "eating through" the gummi (the bases are rather thick though, so that would probably take a while).

When I've used chocolate to do this, I usually make a kind of shell by filling the mold with chocolate, and then inverting them to let some out (it still coats the sides). Then you let harden a bit, and fill with something (I usually use raspberry jam heated a bit to soften it), and then top with more chocolate. It's a lot harder to get them right though, and they're fragile so they're tougher to unmold - but, they're gorgeous and are great with raspberry vodka or chocolate mousse.

Because the mold is silicone, you could also bake in it. I haven't tried it, but since they don't rise much, you could likely fill them with brownie batter (http://www.instructables.com/id/I_lt3_Accuracy_Brownies/) and bake - you'd have to reduce the time since they're thinner and smaller though. They'd be awesome filled with ice cream or whipped cream.
So many yummy ideas... I do like the idea of the raspberry filled cups. How about taking it one further and filling it with liqueur instead? Like a giant vodka filled posh box chocolate!
shesparticular (author)  gmjhowe6 years ago
Genius idea! Probably could even mix raspberry vodka in with the raspberry jam before adding it.
Must... stop.... conversing.... creativity OVERLOAD....
PKM gmjhowe6 years ago
I hope no-one from Cadbury is reading this thread, the creme egg will become passe once they realise the potential of vodka-rasperry liquer creams filled with mousse :) I need to get me a set of chocolate moulds and try some of this stuff, I had some reasonable results making magical christmas mint biscuits after reading how to temper but could do with some fancier shapes.
I would be carefull with that, i had sillicon molds for ice cubes and stuff... some of them had a warning not to use them in the oven. Maybee those for baking are different, or maybee not and the just don't wanna take a chance :-)
Was there a possibility to combine the alcohol inside this gummy like a jello shot so it would be like an alcoholic shot glass?
shesparticular (author)  thatsgreat23456 years ago
I think that would work, yeah - I'd probably make it more gelled than normal Jello shots though, since they sometimes are really liquidy (when not made well).
wupme6 years ago
Oh my god, i love that idea so much. I have one of those ice shot glasses molds (just mine is 2 parts and from plastic) i already had an idea with choclate, but yours is much better. Also that gummi has a real nice look. I wonder if i can use them to form latex shot glasses from liquid latex (wich doesn't bond to smooth surfaces, except for other gum and latex...) ? I never knew that you can also get silicon molds for those glases, i'm gonna have a look if i can find one in germany, i like silicon a lot more then plastic...
rimar20006 years ago
Good idea, good work. Now you must get the gummies recipe... That will be the max.
shesparticular (author)  rimar20006 years ago
Thanks Rim! Here's one that might work http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Fruit-Juice-Gummies-240066 though I haven't tried it, so I don't know for sure. It seems that adding more gelatin might be a good idea, since they really need to hold the shape.
KentsOkay6 years ago
Awesome! Another advantage... they cant be broken!
nachosyumm6 years ago
nice, I would never have thought to try this instead of the water
shesparticular (author)  nachosyumm6 years ago
They're really pretty good. I was out of chocolate or I would have posted some raspberry-filled dark chocolate ones as well.