These edible drink markers and place holders are fun and easy to put together - perfect for any party! I've used melons here and a bit of mango, but I think this idea could be applied in many more ways. :)

I think I will probably make these for every brunch ever until the end of time. So cute!

Making these is a great activity for kids, too! Might be a good solution to keep them busy while you party prep. :D

Step 1: Ingredients + Tools

  • fruit for cutting (melons of all kinds, slightly underripe mangoes, apples)
  • alphabet cookie cutters
  • berries and other fruit for garnishing the ends
  • skewers

And that's it!

You really want the fruit to be firm. Try to avoid fruit that's too ripe - it will just smush and tear and you won't get a clean cut.

This is awesome! I accidentally flagged, my bad :( other then that, this ible is great!
<p>Amazing, thnx</p>
<p>Love these, you did it again.</p>
<p>You always have fun, imaginative and colourful Instructables :)<br>Very nice :)</p>
<p>HOME MADE BACON https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvfLXWDWChE</p>
<p>Colourful and creative, Jessy! You'll never get your drink mixed up with someone else!</p><p>I need all my beverages served like this :)</p>
<p>Aaahh, I LOVE this instructable! (Not even just because my name is featured...) Great work Jessy!!</p>
<p>So cute!</p>
Very cute! Great for summer parties!
<p>If you freeze them, but don't get them out of the freezer until the drinks are served, that would both avoid the mushiness and chill your drinks!</p>

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