Edinburgh Rock is a rich, delicious candy made up from a simple boiled sugar solution. The recipe is easy and it's a good base for almost any flavor you desire. The Wikipedia article has some fun information about the folklore surrounding the treat, if you're interested.  The end result is a delicious candy with a highly compacted powdery texture. 

Traditionally, Edinburgh Rock is in a thick stick form, but WE'RE MAKING THEM INTO MOUSTACHES on a stick- because everyone needs an extra moustache or two! These are hand sculpted, but that means you don't need a mold! Not having a mold means your possibilities go beyond moustaches and into the endless infinity or YOUR IMAGINATION! We like moustaches because Edinburgh Rock is elegant and rich, and seems to enjoy looking like a handlebar moustache on a Circus Ringleader.

While these lollipops are really fun, this is NOT a kid-friendly process. The mixture is HOT and sticky and not for little hands. Kids will be happy enough with the moustaches.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

1 ¼ cups of water
2 cups granulated sugar
1 teaspoon liquid glucose
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
Flavoring and food coloring of your choice I chose cotton candy and pink, more traditional would be raspberry or rose water with pink
Oil of your choosing to oil your surface and tools

Marble slab or cookie sheet
Pan with a lid
Large bowl of ice water (large enough to place the bottom of your pot in)
Two Metal spatulas (We used a pie server and a cake spatula instead)
Candy thermometer
Wooden spoon
Parchment paper
Scissors (If you want traditional stick form, we found them helpful to have handy either way)
Lollipop sticks (any stick really works, dowels, bamboo skewers, etc, but we went the easy route and bought some)
A second set of hands (Another person is almost a must here. It certainly makes things go a billion times easier & faster.)

You should be able to get everything but the liquid glucose and cream of tartar at a traditional grocery store. Those two will be found at a specialty bake/pastry shop. Call ahead to make sure they've got what you need. In Austin, we go to All In One Bake Shop . Bake shops will also have a much larger selection of food coloring and flavoring. We chose Cotton Candy flavoring and pink food coloring!

that's just brilliant! - i vote your you!<br>hahaha - still laughin ;) <br>
Brilliant! Excellent! I love it!
Thanks for the support! I really liked your Cadbury Egg Instructable!

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