Step 5: Shaping the Edinburgh Rock

Once you've gotten it cool enough to where it will roll into a tube, QUICKLY start stretching off thinner lengths. Normally, these lengths are left as small tubes and are cut with oiled scissors, but we sculpted ours into moustaches. (Check out the World Beard and Moustache Championships' website for inspiration.)

Take a length and lay it on the parchment paper and start to pinch and shape it to your choosing. Take a stick and insert it with candy on all sides and then pinch and smooth around the stick so it adheres solidly. While a revolving moustache might sound fun it quickly loses its delight when it drops on the floor. Some moustaches, like the Fu Manchu, work better if you sculpt it directly on top of a stick.

AGAIN, MOVE QUICKLY. Edinburgh Rock will go from stretchy and pliable to hard, crumbly and impossible to sculpt without warning. If you wait too long, you'll have a pile of candy in a rock shape instead of a candy moustache. Fortunately, Edinburgh Rock in rock shape is still exceptionally tasty.

Once you have your shapes laid out on your parchment allow them to remain in a warm place overnight to 24 hours.
Store in an airtight container with wax paper in between layers or wrap each in cellophane or wax paper.

While my 2nd attempt was better than my first I still had candy that went unshaped. You'll certainly want a couple of assistant to help you shape moustaches before to Edinburgh Rock cools.
that's just brilliant! - i vote your you!<br>hahaha - still laughin ;) <br>
Brilliant! Excellent! I love it!
Thanks for the support! I really liked your Cadbury Egg Instructable!

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