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Hello There, here is a nice DIY to use recycling a peace of wood that you have somewhere at home :)

The Idea of this DIY began when I saw an edisson bulb, i was like ' Oh yes I want this At home ', I dind'nt have a Plafonnier at home, except a Moroccan handy craft that didn't feet the Modern Deco that I have. So searching on Youtube, instructables, pinterest, I end up with the idea of recycling an old Shelf and custumizing it.

So Here you go :), I hope that I'll not miss a step, but anyway feel free to ask me for details .

Step 1: Wiring Electrical Cables With Sockets

Picture of Wiring Electrical Cables With Sockets

This step is about wiring the socket of our Edisson lamps

Step 2: Wiring the Part That Goes With the Cables of the Roof

Picture of Wiring the Part That Goes With the Cables of the Roof

This Step is about the top part of our Chandelier.

Step 3: The Hanging of My Chandelier

Picture of The Hanging of My Chandelier

This step is about the Hanging part of my Chandelier.

I used a chain and a ring for hanging the structure, hooks of rods were already in my shelf, so in order to Reuse/Recycle I thought it would work perfect for my hanging part .

Step 4: Painting My Starry Sky

Picture of Painting My Starry Sky

This step shows you how i painted my starry Sky, The idea was after a long reflexion of letting the materiel brut or painting it ?

I decided to painting it finaly, the idea is to show my lamps as a part of a starry sky, like the other stars ( My mom Idea :) )

Step 5: Final Result

Picture of Final Result

Here is my final result, I totally enjoyed this DIY, this was my really first one, and i was satisfied with the result and the athmosphere Vintage and Modern if this Chandelier.

Most of all this was on a Budget i did the electric part myself which saves me loooots of money ;)

Hope the tutorial is clear, and that this will inspire you :).


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-08-06

Cool DIY light fixture.

Thanks Jason, this is my first one !

HoudaR made it! (author)2015-08-05

My Edisson Chandelier, first DIY, and really satisfied of the athmosphere that these lamps at home :)

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