I dont know about you but i hate seeing things on my computer that shouldnt be there, like unwanted programs that are installed with the ones that i did want and on this occasion things left behind after i uninstalled it.

Changing this list has actually helped me alot because i dont use any fancy programs for web development and i rely on typing the same webpage basics every time.

First you will see how to remove unwanted files from the list and tidy things up a little.
Next is to add blank files that you do want there or even an example of how to create and add a template file that will definately save you alot of keyboard time.

For this task you will be using the registry editor.
Open the start menu and click run, type in regedit and click ok.

Removing Files From the list.

1. Open Regedit and in the menu go to Edit then Find, type in the file extension including the .dot at the beginning
2. expand the key and you should see another called ShellNew
3. Click the ShellNew key and you will see some data on the right, one will either be called Filename or NullFile, right click it and then delete.

It will be removed when you next restart the computer.

Adding Files to the list.

If you want to create a blank .html file like you get with the .txt files just do the following or for a template go to the next one down.

1. Open Regedit and search for the .html key
2. Create another key inside the html key called ShellNew
3. Right click the ShellNew key, then select new > string value and call it NullFile

Simple as that, Next time you restart your computer the changes will be made.
If you dont want a blank file use the guide below for ideas on templates.

Adding an HTML file template to the list

1. Open notepad then paste in the text below and save it as C:\New\template.html
2. Open Regedit and search for the .html key
3. Create another key inside the html key called ShellNew
4. Right click the ShellNew key, then select new > string value and call it FileName
5. Double click the new FileName string and enter the value as C:\New\template.html

It should be on the list when you restart your computer and every time you create a new html file, the following text will already be inside.

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN">
<html xmlns="http://www.w3c.org.uk/1999/xhtml">
<title> </title>


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