Having an almost 100 year old house and a cobbled together "temporary" pond in the basement, moisture in the basement is often an issue. After installing a set of steel shelving and noticing the "heavy duty particle board shelves" they came with I knew that I would need a better solution than just painting the particle board. Even after a short time in the basement and at the uppermost shelf mold growth and warping were evident. 

Step 1: ClosetMaid to the Rescue

After trying out a few other solutions I came across these at my local Home Desperate. Closetmaid #34714 11.89" x 48" Superslide Shelves. You'll need two of them per level and at almost $6 each in CT they can add up, but if your patient you can find Edsal shelving at almost 50% off a few times during the year. I'd be curious if this works with other shelving systems.

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