Step 2: Templates

Picture of Templates
batman template 1.png
I have two different sets of templates.  The templates on this step are what you will see used in this instructable. At the end of this instructable you will find the second template that involves less cutting for younger students.

For the templates below I would recommend children in 2nd grade and up.

Each child creating a educational superhero will need their own copy of the template used.  I would recommend printing the template out and making copies on tag board.  Have students label their pieces with their initials and what each piece is before they cut them out. 

Give each student a ziplock baggie and a template.  One they have labeled their pieces they should cut all their parts out and place them inside their baggie.  This may take 30 mins or longer depending on your students age and small mortar skills.

Should you wish you could pre-cut templates out and have them laminated so students take a bag of shapes, this would cut down on time needed for the lesson.  This is more of a personal preference.  This lesson could be used as group work, independent work at a desk, part of a center, "filler"  Decided how the project is going to fit into your lesson and it may help you make a decision on how to handle your templates.

For the templates found at the end of this lesson, I would recommend printing them out on white tag board and having children color the pieces in.  These are more complete superheros using only three pieces to help hands that are still defining and building their small motor skills.