Ahoy Instructavillians!  Today's instructable will show you how to use Educational Pirate Battleship to enhance a learning activity with school aged children!  I created the game while helping out with a math MTSS group in the school where I work, but the general game idea can be used in any academic area. 

Recommended Age: K--12+

Subject Areas: This game can be used in: All subject areas & Cross Curriculum (more on this later)

Learning Objective: Creating an interactive game that allows you to use many states standards for art, following directions, social skills, math, language and more to be used to teach a variety of subjects

Educational Pirate Battleship© can be used in any subject area by any school aged child. For the purpose of this instructable we will use the game in a math MTSS setting.

The game must be played with at least two players, but can also be played by a team.

Basic Game Rules:

Shots fired must be drawn using a straight line from the teams ship, no curvy lines from the ship.   The canon ball can be no larger than the erase on the end of a pencil.  Each ship must be hit three different times at three different locations of the ship in order to sink it.  Hits should have an X place through them.  Be good sports and have fun!

Other Rules:

Your own creativity can come to play here.  I would liken this to house rules in other games like Monopoly.  As we go through this instructable I will attempt to point out where other rules can come into play.

While I'm keeping the copyright, I do want any one out there to use the idea in their classroom with my blessing.  One day I might actually take this game to a game maker and it's for that reason that I'm holding onto the rights.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials Needed

Game Board(s)
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One of my colleagues shared your instructable with me last year, I use this game in my classroom and my students use it at recess. Thank you for such a fantastic idea!
I used this today with my 2nd graders, they loved it! I'm switching grades and going to kindergarten next year, do you think this is something they could do?
I do think kindergarten children could play the game, if they were shown how at first, perhaps in small groups as a center, or rotate through all the kids during indoor recess. Once they had the game down it could be played as a larger group, but I think partners or very small groups would be the way to go with the little guys and gals.
This is awesome! I'd love to see a video of it in action.
I will see if I can make this happen. :) I will have to get some permissions from parents, the principal and all that jazz, but I'm happy to post a video. The kids really love it!
It doesn't need to be kids. Get some friends together and make a night of it. :)
LOL that's funny! Ok I think I have some teacher pals I can talk into this :)

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