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Ahoy Instructavillians!  Today's instructable will show you how to use Educational Pirate Battleship to enhance a learning activity with school aged children!  I created the game while helping out with a math MTSS group in the school where I work, but the general game idea can be used in any academic area. 

Recommended Age: K--12+

Subject Areas: This game can be used in: All subject areas & Cross Curriculum (more on this later)

Learning Objective: Creating an interactive game that allows you to use many states standards for art, following directions, social skills, math, language and more to be used to teach a variety of subjects

Educational Pirate Battleship© can be used in any subject area by any school aged child. For the purpose of this instructable we will use the game in a math MTSS setting.

The game must be played with at least two players, but can also be played by a team.

Basic Game Rules:

Shots fired must be drawn using a straight line from the teams ship, no curvy lines from the ship.   The canon ball can be no larger than the erase on the end of a pencil.  Each ship must be hit three different times at three different locations of the ship in order to sink it.  Hits should have an X place through them.  Be good sports and have fun!

Other Rules:

Your own creativity can come to play here.  I would liken this to house rules in other games like Monopoly.  As we go through this instructable I will attempt to point out where other rules can come into play.

While I'm keeping the copyright, I do want any one out there to use the idea in their classroom with my blessing.  One day I might actually take this game to a game maker and it's for that reason that I'm holding onto the rights.

Step 1: Materials Needed

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Materials Needed

Game Board(s)
ElizabethE35 months ago

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One of my colleagues shared your instructable with me last year, I use this game in my classroom and my students use it at recess. Thank you for such a fantastic idea!
I used this today with my 2nd graders, they loved it! I'm switching grades and going to kindergarten next year, do you think this is something they could do?
poofrabbit (author)  ArcheryQueen3 years ago
I do think kindergarten children could play the game, if they were shown how at first, perhaps in small groups as a center, or rotate through all the kids during indoor recess. Once they had the game down it could be played as a larger group, but I think partners or very small groups would be the way to go with the little guys and gals.
wilgubeast3 years ago
This is awesome! I'd love to see a video of it in action.
poofrabbit (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago
I will see if I can make this happen. :) I will have to get some permissions from parents, the principal and all that jazz, but I'm happy to post a video. The kids really love it!
It doesn't need to be kids. Get some friends together and make a night of it. :)
poofrabbit (author)  wilgubeast3 years ago
LOL that's funny! Ok I think I have some teacher pals I can talk into this :)