Step 4: Many Ways to Play

This is just one way to play the game, it can be played with fewer players or one on one.  Any subject can be used and correct answer allow a shot to be fired.

If anyone wants to play for fun, this can be used as a recess game and turns taken back and forth.  I hope your students or child enjoy this as much as my MTSS group did!

I would love to hear how your students liked the game, what subject you used it in and any house rules you came up with!

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One of my colleagues shared your instructable with me last year, I use this game in my classroom and my students use it at recess. Thank you for such a fantastic idea!
I used this today with my 2nd graders, they loved it! I'm switching grades and going to kindergarten next year, do you think this is something they could do?
I do think kindergarten children could play the game, if they were shown how at first, perhaps in small groups as a center, or rotate through all the kids during indoor recess. Once they had the game down it could be played as a larger group, but I think partners or very small groups would be the way to go with the little guys and gals.
This is awesome! I'd love to see a video of it in action.
I will see if I can make this happen. :) I will have to get some permissions from parents, the principal and all that jazz, but I'm happy to post a video. The kids really love it!
It doesn't need to be kids. Get some friends together and make a night of it. :)
LOL that's funny! Ok I think I have some teacher pals I can talk into this :)

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