Picture of Educational colorimeter kit
This instructable is a step-by-step assembly guide for the educational colorimeter kit we launched in April 2012 on Kickstarter. Assembly takes from 20-40 minutes. Once assembled the colorimeter can be used in a wide variety of science experiments to measure the absorbance and concentration of a colored solution.

The colorimeter kit is an open source hardware project: KiCad files for the electronics, enclosure designs and software are hosted and updated here: For those interested in making their own boards and laser cut parts we have included the Gerber files for the 3 PCBs with BOMs, as well as the files for the laser cut parts. A list of all additional materials (hardware etc) can also be found in the online User Manual.

For more information on the educational colorimeter kit, visit the project website at and the Kickstarter project at

There is now a video of the assembly at the end of this instructable in Step 8.
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Step 1: Kit contents:

Picture of Kit contents:
The kit comes with all of the parts listed below and shown in the images. All you need to supply is your Arduino of choice plus USB cable for programming.

Kit contents:
Each Kickstarter colorimeter kit ships in a 6" x 4" x 3" clear container and contains the following items:
  • Colorimeter LED board
  • Colorimeter sensor board
  • Colorimeter shield for the Arduino
  • 11 laser cut acrylic parts for the light-tight enclosure
  • Hardware for the enclosure (screws, nuts, washers and standoffs)
  • 4 x pre-crimped 3" colored wires and housing
  • Assembled ribbon cable for connecting the Arduino and colorimeter
  • Set of 6 cuvettes
  • Mini Philips screwdriver

Step 2: Identify the laser cut parts

Picture of Identify the laser cut parts
Download the attached PDF
Print out and lay on a flat surface
Take all of the black laser cut acrylic parts and match them with the outlines on the printout. This will help to identify the parts as you go through the next three steps in this instructable.
dbustos21 year ago
Dear Jorodeo
I really like all your post!. I think they are very innovative and useful in real labs!
I have a question, if I adapt a 280nm LED to this colorimeter do you think it could work to measure proteins?
Kind regards
Chrick2 years ago
It really looks interesting, by the way, congratulations on archive your goal in kickstarter
DmitPar2 years ago
Article is good. I got much usefull information!!!