Step 5: Assemble the rest of the enclosure

Kit parts: All remaining acrylic parts, 4 x washers, 4 x 1/2" long screws.

Step A. Place the assembled electronics part from the previous step onto the base plate from Step 1.
Step B. Take the two side walls and slot them onto the base plate so that all the parts click together.
Step C. Place the top plate on top. All the parts should now easily sit in place securely.
Step D. Lay the outer slider and inner slider onto the top plate.
Step E. Finally place the four washers in each corner and place the clear cover on top. Secure all the parts in place with the four 1/2" screws. Tighten all the parts in place with the screwdriver.
Dear Jorodeo <br>I really like all your post!. I think they are very innovative and useful in real labs! <br>I have a question, if I adapt a 280nm LED to this colorimeter do you think it could work to measure proteins? <br>Kind regards <br>Diego
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