Step 3: Making the scissorhands.

Picture of Making the scissorhands.
    This is the trickiest part, but have no fear, it's relatively easy.

        1. Cut the PVC pipe in 7cm pieces.

        2. Cut a 2cm long (aprox)  "line" through the middle of one end of the pipe. You're doing this so you can place the blade there in horizontal position. Both sides of the circunference need to be cut, imagine you're measuring the diameter but instead you're cuting it. Then you need to bend the cut end so it makes some sort of "clamp", refer to the images for further understanding.
       3. Cut the acrylic scraps in 8 25cm x 2.5cm blades, vary the height from 2.5cm to 2cm and the width from 25cm to 30cm or less to make them irregular and not all the same. Cut another 2 15cm x 2.5cm blades for the thumbs, again, vary them to make them irregular. Remember to cut one end of the blades in "knife" shape or something similar, to resemble scissor and blades.

      4. Put the blades in each of the pieces of PVC pipe and fix them in place with some crazy glue.

      5. Paint all the PVC pieces with the blades attached with chrome spray paint and wait for them to dry completely.

      6. Put on one glove, then cover half of each finger with contact glue, from the end of the finger to the middle (aprox).

      7. Do the same with the inside of 5 PVC pieces, and wait about 5 minutes for the glue to get dry on both the pvc and the glove.*

      8. After the 5 minutes, place each finger into each PVC pipe, tighten them up and wait for about 15 minutes for the glue to dry.*

      9. Do the same with the other glove and the remaining blades.

      10. You're done!

*Refer to the instructions of your contact glue to wait the appropiate amount of time. It varies depending the manufacturer.

    You can put metal things on the gloves to make them appear more "metallic-like", I used a piece of metal sheet. I bended the sheet and glued it to the glove using contact glue.