Well I've been playing around with Halloween costume ideas and Edward Scissorhands was probably one of the easiest to replicate PLUS there was no need for those "special effects" latex make up for his scars and everything I've used in my step-by-step is everything you can get at your nearest drug store. I am in no means a professional make up artist, just a young mom with TONS of unused make up that I have collected through the years and have lots of time to kill. I mean like LOTS of time.


Nontoxic kids glue stick
Lightest liquid foundation (any brand is fine but I personally prefer Loreal True Match)
Lightest power foundation (any brand is fine but I personally prefer Loreal True Match)
Lightest concealer
Matte brown, purple, black and white eyeshadow (if you don't have the matte color it's fine too but it will leave you a bit "shimmery")
Chapstick (not needed but it will help the purple stick to your lips)
A couple of make up brushes!!!

Are you ready? Have all the stuff on this list? Yeah? ALL RIGHT YOU'RE READY TO BECOME EDWARD SCISSORHANDS!

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Step 1: First step to all make up - Wash your face

Make sure you have a clean face. You should not have any make up left on your face from the previous day.

You will need to pull out that handy dandy nontoxic glue for kids out right about now.

Glue down all your eyebrows and make sure it's nice and smooth.

You want to make sure that there are no stray eyebrows in this step!
<p>Thank you for the awesome Instructable! The glue stick scars were GENIUS and I won a costume contest at work :) </p>
<p>This is just what I was looking for to compliment my Halloween costume. Thank you for the wonderful step-by-step instructions that don't require super-specialized makeup!!! Wonderful job- you look fantastically Edward Scissorhands-y :)</p>
Hi! How long did this take you to do? Including glue drying time? Thanks
<p>Sorry for such a late response!!!! It took me maybe 30, 45 minutes. Glue sticks dry pretty quickly and if you use a hair dryer it'll dry faster.</p>
I love the makeup job. I'm going to be Miss Scissorhands this halloween and found this very helpful. I have a question: Is it safe to put glue on your eyebrows and face? Especially worried about the eyebrow part. Please let me know. Thanks.
As long as it's a non-toxic kid safe stick glue then you are good to go! Kids glues are safe for children to &quot;accidentally&quot; eat so it should be safe for your skin. Just make sure you don't get any in your eyes because that would definitely hurt. <br> <br>To remove the glue I highly recommend using a washcloth and some warm/hot water and pressing it against your eyebrow to slowly remove it so it doesn't rip out eyebrows!
Thanks so much! Really looking forward to halloween and now especially my makeup :)
You have a very beautiful smile :-) <br> <br> <br>and i really like the way it changed to this sad disguise <br> <br>keep smiling :-D <br>Good Work.
Wow! Amazing! Would love to see how you do Lord Voldemort. <br><br>You got my vote. <br>
You need to be careful doing this, or you might end up looking like Milton Jones...
Is it just me or do I find this Milton Jones guy a bit weirdly attractive? Look at that gorgeous Edward Cullen like hair hahaha<br><br><br>If only he shimmered and glittered...
Milton Jones *is* weirdly cute! He's also quite funny - we took our teen twins to see him and they roared with laughter. <br><br>Loving the instructable - fabulous job. I don't have any normal make-up at all, but I might dig out my face paints and try and recreate it that way, Cheers!
You have teenage twins?<br><br>Do you have any door-hinges left in your house??
The normal doors - mostly okay. Kitchen cupboards and the girls' bedroom door often need tightening.
Verbally, <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1F3Kqgzbhm0">he does</a>.
OMG this is AMAZING !!! You did a fabulous job!!!! I really hope I can copy this.. but I bet I can because of your super awesome instructions!! Yay!!
Wow! Awesome job! I would never guess this was the same person when I compare before and after!<br><br>Would love to see this in real time on you tube...
Amazing job on that makeup! You have a great eye for recreating looks. I'm impressed :D
BRILLIANT!<br><br>i decided to go to a Halloweenparty as Edward - that was last week, <br>Now you published this JUST IN TIME :) ! AWESOME!
Fantastic job! thanks so much for sharing. Please do share the Lord Voldemort tutorial.
U look Copley different!!
AMAZINGLY AMAZING!SOSOSOSO smart and simple wow!plz show us lord voldermotes one!i cant believe u did this on your own u loo totally somone else!
Thank you!!! I will definitely post up the Voldemort look next! Just need to get more tape haha
The only thing that seems off is the eyes....doesn't he wear eyeliner? Maybe not. That is creepy good, though. <br><br><br>I would really, really like to see some normal makeup tutorials from you. You seem to have a great grasp on how to contour the face, and your ible is really well explained. ^_^ Thanks for posting!!
He does wear a bit of eyeliner on the top waterline and between his eye lashes. I didn't use any because it would make my eyes look smaller. If you do end up using eyeliner don't line your lower water line or it won't look as sad without it
awesome! i knew it, i always thought johnny depp was just an asian girl! jk.
...you said you weren't a makeup artist, but maybe you should think about it. hmmm? These tricks are amazing.
......I wonder if this step could be used to a lesser extent to make my cheeks look not so fat? hmmmm. <br><br><br>btw, this is a way awesome ible. It's crazy how much you can make yourself look like him! Great job. :)
That's the coolest, yet freakiest, thing I saw. Awesome job! You look like a totally different person!

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