Picture of Eeeeeks, louse everywhere
Now you tell me: Green gardening stimulates the presence of all kind of animals in your garden. Is that an advantage or disadvantage?
Well these recycled creepy crawlies will be welcome in your garden.
You need a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, and an 8 cm long piece of innertube.
For tips on sewing see my instructable of the tube-crow
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Step 1:

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Cut the piece of tube in two halves. Draw legs and body on one half. Divide the other half in a piece for head, the wingshields and breast piece. Cut everything out

Step 2:

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Attach the wingshields to the breastpiece with machine stiching. Follow the curved line to make the body 3D

Step 3:

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Attach the head to the lower part of the body

Step 4:

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Attach the upper part of the body to the lower part. Notice that the upper part is wider and should be made bulging before stiching the second side.
Scatter them around the garden fence. Hide a push pin inside the body to make them stick to the fence.

no need to use killing spray!
l8nite3 years ago
yea..what Andy said !
AndyGadget3 years ago
Your innertube creatures are very strange, but very, very appealing.  They would go perfectly in my garden.   Time to dig out those old innertubes, methinks.