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Introduction: Eerie Flaming Basket

So... you are going for that Haunted House Theme this year. Here's a creepy unique way to add some lighting. Its quick, easy and cheap.

Step 1: Materials and How To

  • Materials - Use odds and ends you might already have on hand.

    One (1) strand of Christmas flickering candle lights *** Indoor/Outdoor Use
    Metal Tiki Torch(s)
    Metal Wire basket
    Straw or some type of cover for around the basket
    Zip Ties (5-6)

  • STEPS - Simple and Easy

    1. Remove the chains from the basket if attaching to a pole or stand and remove the tiki canister from the pole. Place the basket on top of the pole and zip tie them together.
    2. Clip the candle lights evenly around the top edge of the basket.
    3. Wrap the basket with some type material straw etc.
    4. That's It.. you are done!



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    Looks great! Very clever. I thought the straw was Spanish moss.

    1 reply

    Thank you. I actually used some of a Net Straw Erosion Control Blanket that I had on hand.

    Nice and simple. Great idea!