Picture of Effective Firestarter for the wet weathers

Hello every body and welcome

Well, my idea for the firestarter started when I decided with my friend to go out and camp in the woods for some night fishing last weekend...we was out at 23.00 and it was raining here in Sweden for about a week in a row. The temp was about 1 °C and all the wood was soaking wet and in the dark forest it was almost impossible to find any dry wood at that took us about 3h before we had a fire going.

I started looking here in instructables and I got my idea from a couple of posts like:


The problem was that I needed something that would last for at least 15min in case I needed to start a fire with some wet wood in the future.

And so I improved their idea on my own and I got my firestarter working for 15 - 17 min with no problem on a hard windy day.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

I used a 4 Ømm PVC pipe that i cut about 2 inches high (5cm). (found these in the gross garbage room of my block)

A screwdriver and a plier.

Some cheap candles.. here in Sweden they coast about 35 SEK for a bag with 100pcs.

an old used metal can (found that in the gross garbage room too)

Some saw dust form my garage

and some 12mm MDF board that i cut about 1 inches by 1/2 inches (2,5 * 1 cm) .

pbarney11 months ago
Thanks for this, I've been looking for something that might be better in the wetter weather, quick question if I might ask, is this best to start with a lighter? Or would a fire starting flint work as well?
H.C. (author)  pbarney11 months ago
hi..i use a zeppo lighter and it works fine.. i don't think a starting flint will work.