Hi doers, building a trap is not much hard, we can build traps with very less materials which we can get around us. this is a simple and effective method i used to transport stray cats. "This is a Force to Force deal"
Things you will need
1. Metal net or woods.
2. pieces of hard wire.

However make a rectangular shape cage with one side open to fix a door. Height x width x length of the cage is up-to you, estimate a relevant ratio according to the targeted animal.
For Asian Cats i used height= 8 inch, width= 8 inch and length= 15 inch.
It cost $0 for me because i used the materials which i could get from home around. but if you need to do a fresh one may be it will cost about $10.

Step 1: Door

Door must be able to free fall within the cage without any obstacles but it should not swing out side the cage, for that attach a wood piece along the bottom of the opening as shown in the figure 2. but make sure the height of the cage is appropriate for the targeted animal. And another important part you should attach to the door is the trigger hold, make a small wire ring in the door as shown in the figure 1 to hold the trigger of this setup
<p>I recently noticed a 4-5ish-month-old white kitten in my backyard, with a severe eye infection. I think the kitten has already lost its left eye and I say this because of its appearance. Nevertheless, the kitten has managed to follow its nose and locate the dry food I left for him, along with a bowl of fresh water. I'm going to follow your Instructable. Due to the fact that the kitten hasn't allowed me anywhere near it, I'm going to build this live trap. It needs immediate medical care. Crossing my fingers hoping to get it right. Thank you!</p>

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