Over 8 years I tried many ways to get rid of an increasing large verruca (plantar wart) on my heel. Nothing worked until I tried Duct Tape. I'm quite a scientific person so was pleased to find several academic studies supporting the successful use of Duct Tape in treating verrucas. There is obviously a huge pharmaceutical industry motivated to sell all kinds of expensive treatments and I'm sure they don't like the idea that a few cents worth of Duct Tape is all you really need. OK, so this really did work for me but I'm just a sample size of n=1 so it is worth reading what the academics found too.

In the picture above I have drawn a red blob on my foot where the Verruca used to be, showing roughly how big it was. If you google verruca you will see some horrific pictures - this is one that looked like mine (though mine was bigger).

Before you read further, please be aware that my verruca was on my foot and didn't hurt much at all. If you verruca is somewhere more serious, or where the skin is softer, like your face, hands or genitals, don't follow this advice at all before speaking with a proper doctor.

You might like to know that I do indeed have an allergy to plasters and I had no problem at all with the tape on my foot for 6 days at a time.

I had a verruca (plantar wart) on my foot for YEARS. I think I picked it up swimming. As a regular swimmer i tried hard to treat it so I didn't spread it to my friends but I never managed to get rid of it until I tried the Duct Tape.

Here's what I tried over 8 years:
- Salicylic Acid - looked promising at first but never solved it despite weeks of trying;
- waiting 8 years - a Doctor told me they went away naturally in 2 years (rubbish) 
- expensive spray freeze kit - not very effective at all
- dry ice administered from the doctor - this hurt so much that i had to use a walking stick for a week afterwards and it ultimately didn't work and seemed to make it bigger.

The last thing I tried hurt so much I had to use a walking stick because my limping was hurting my back so much. I was actually quite surprised this didn't work (especially since it hurt so much).

It was around this time that we were having kids and my partner was pretty clear that she didn't want the kids catching my verruca. I heard rumours of this Duct Tape Occlusion Therapy (DTOT) and thought I would try it. It worked like a dream!

Step 1: You will need

1. Verucca on your foot

2. Salicylic Acid

3. Duct Tape

4. Pumice Stone, Emery Board or similar skin scraper

5. Convincing references (see below)

Duct tape occlusion therapy (wikipedia). This tells us that Duct Tape is not conclusively proven to be a more effective treatment

The efficacy of duct tape vs cryotherapy in the treatment of verruca vulgaris (the common wart) Focht et al 2002. This study found that in 85% of cases, duct tape treatments cured the wart, compared with 60% in the cryotherapy group.

Efficacy of Duct Tape vs Placebo in the Treatment of Verruca Vulgaris (Warts) in Primary School Children Haen et al 2006. This study found no significant difference between duct tape and a placebo but I note that they did not use actual duct tape and indeed suggested that the tape they used lacked stickiness.
<p>I removed my Plantar warts using a natural remedy I found <a href="http://the-natural-treatment.com/remove-warts.php" rel="nofollow">HERE</a>.</p>
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TO ALL FOR WART REMOVAL:<br>I have had a stubborn plantar wart for 3 years and could not get rid of it. I got a second one about 6 months ago on my other foot. I tried everything but FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE AND DO THIS:<br>Use Compound W Fast Acting Gel on the wart and drink Thuja Occidentalis 30c, 5 pellets in a glass of water 3 times a day! That is the only way I got rid of both warts. Takes about 2 weeks. Apply the gel every day and when the skin gets white and starts to peel take it off and apply again. The wart will get black from the Thuja and the gel therapy. TO ALL PEOPLE OUT THERE, I WANT TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU SO YOU GET RID OF THESE THINGS.
<p>I had embarrassing Plantar warts for years, they just kept multiplying. I don't usually get on forums and post things, but I have to share this to help others as I know how annoying, resilient and ugly these warts are. I tried doing nothing (waiting for them to go on their own), getting a doctor to freeze them off (multiple times), freezing them off at home, using salicylic acid treatments from the chemist, cutting them out, apple cider vinegar (soaks every day for months), duct tape, nail polish, and tea tree oil. Oh I hated them sooooo much, they just kept multiplying and it was really getting me down, I started getting jealous of people with bare feet ( as silly as that sounds). I thought I could never be barefoot again in my life and they would just keep multiplying. I booked in to see a podiatrist, but the thought of of showing someone else my foot just embarrassed me so much that I cancelled the appointment (when I went and saw the doctor years prior, there were only a couple and it wasn't as embarrassing). I wanted laser treatment as I thought it was the only way, but then I read horror stories of them returning bigger and stronger after that. Oh my gosh these are the worst. But I read on some forum somewhere (I can't remember) to try oregano oil. I'd try anything. You have to search a bit for this stuff, its not that common. I bought 100% PURE OREGANO OIL online and I am so glad that i did. It works!!! and quickly!!!! PEOPLE THIS IS THE CURE!!! It is strong stuff. Wear gloves when applying as the oil burns the skin on your fingertips (not so much on your tough foot skin). The smell is so strong too if you get it on your hands it doesn't wash off. What I did was cut of the top tough skin layer of my warts with a pocket knife, you can't feel it its all callused, I just didn't want to scrub forever with a pumice. Then (with disposable gloves on) put the oil on a q-tip and then apply to the warts. I then put a sock on and went to bed. I repeat, it is so strong you don't want the oil touching anything. Or to do this in the morning and smell like oregano all day. I did this for like five days in a row. Then a cluster of warts disappeared. I did it again and the rest disappeared. They just disappear! OREGANO OIL!! Don't waste your time doing anything else!! </p>
<p>Is there a website or store you bought oregano oil from?</p>
<p>Yes. I am in no way affiliated with them :)</p><p>http://www.evitamins.com/oregano-oil-now-34694</p>

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